Lockdown Staycation ideas for the entire family… Let’s be honest, our children are so incredibly bored right now. Between homeschooling, work, and family duties, parents are at their wit’s end. Not to mention utterly exhausted!

I’ve put together a few family activities that might just cure the boredom of lockdown, and maybe even provide a few laughs along the way. Something we can all use right now!

1. Eat Dinner Alfresco

Lockdown Staycation Ideas For The Entire Family

Is there a better way to feast during Summer than by setting up a table and enjoying a meal outside? Keep it casual, or make it more elegant, whatever you fancy… Whether it’s for a family, social, or romantic occasion, serving dinner outside is one of the most fun things to do during Summer. You can even put up some fairy lights. Too cold to venture out? Bring the lockdown family indoors, around the fireplace, or set the table a little fancier than any normal night.

2. Host a curbside Happy Hour

Lockdown Staycation Ideas For The Entire Family

I must admit, this is my favorite! Nothing beats hanging out with some friends on a Friday evening just as the sun sinks and the kids are riding their bikes up and down the block. Okay, scrap that! If lockdown won’t let us gather in groups, why not host a zoom dinner with family… Tired of zoom (I get it) Forget the formalities. Declare your front porch the local Friday spot, bake some pizza, pour a drink, and put your feet up. You can even start a tradition of doing this every first Friday of the month!

3. Go for a walk

Lockdown Staycation Ideas For The Entire Family

Put on your walking shoes. We’re still allowed to walk right? But remember, this is not a workout! Keep it “lazy” and relaxed. Go for a family walking adventure… It will help the kids (and parents) unwind, maybe even forget about lockdown for a second and get out of the normal daily routines that are bringing us so much frustration at the moment. Plus, it is very likely that the kids will sleep better that night – Double bonus!

4. Shake It Up

Lockdown Staycation Ideas For The Entire Family

Now I know that many families swear by routine, and I understand the value of it – we have a pretty set routine in our house too. It helps the kids to feel more settled and all-in-all makes for a happier, healthier home… BUT, the lockdown has thrown everything to the wind anyway, so why don’t we follow suit? Get out of the routine! Eat whenever, wherever, sleep whenever, and however, do things differently, shake up the family routine. Camp outdoors/indoors, roast some marshmallows, and enjoy the slow pace, even if just for a night.

5. Give your home that Hotel feeling

Lockdown Staycation Ideas For The Entire Family

Add to the restful experience I mentioned above and give your home that hotel experience. Get the kids to join in. Put out some fancy towels. Flowers. Fresh soap. Order In. Have a spa night. Make it whatever you want it to be, and as Fancy Nancy says, it will be Magnifique.

6. TBT Movie Night

Lockdown Staycation Ideas For The Entire Family

Bring out the old dusty videos, ok maybe those won’t work, but introduce the kids to some classics. E.T, Back to The Future, Beethoven, Home Alone and Annie are some great options. It might even bring back some great memories from your own childhood that you can share with your kids.

I just love these ideas… I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to watch some classics, but right now I’m happy to settle for some R & R with a fire blazing and the kids running around.  All-in-all it’s great to switch my phone to silent and enjoy my lockdown family ‘staycation’.

I hope you enjoy these lockdown staycation ideas as well!

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