I find myself in somewhat of a toddler tantrum predicament. You see, I have 3 primary school children and 2 toddlers. Well, one has just become a pre-schooler, but I don’t see any difference – yet! I find myself enjoying the school-going children far more than I am the toddlers at the moment. I hide my head in shame! Shouldn’t I be enjoying every stage of every child? In a perfect parenting world right!

Toddlers are, in my opinion,

the craziest, messiest, most infuriating, emotionally unstable, unreasonable, frustrating, tiring little people you could spend time with… and couldn’t imagine your life without.

– Stuff Moms Say

And yes, I have gone through the toddler tantrum stage before, so I’m not a “newbie”. I should know what to expect and how to deal with it, shouldn’t I?

As I write this, I have a 4-year-old lying on me… I kid you not! What does she say – “Mommy, you need to make me more comfortable – NOW.” Some might say that she is being disrespectful and rude, but she is saying, I’m not getting what I need right now, and I am saying, can I please just have a minute!

It’s not like she never gets my attention, we have had a pretty chilled day so far, we’ve played, built forts, laughed, gone to the shops, and bought ice cream, (no, I’m not so great of a mom – it wasn’t all me, these were their suggestions) … Is it so bad that I put a movie on so I can enjoy a moment or two just chilling as well?

Kids don’t realise how good they have it… I wish someone would tell me to “go play” or “take a nap”


Our little “Lukie Boy” who has been running around like a rabid dog all morning, has finally crashed into a peaceful sleep, not before screaming his lungs out that one of us sits with him until he lulls off to dreamland. I must admit, my husband loves this, he gets to watch cricket quietly in our room whilst said little toddler falls asleep (our room has an adjoining room, which is where the little prince sleeps).

But this got me thinking, what if I (as an adult) could behave like a toddler? Personally, I think this would be the best grown-up life EVER! Can you imagine having someone make your tea every morning, dress you in the latest fashion (that you didn’t have to pay for), provide you with endless activities and toys, make your meals (exactly to your liking I might add), pour your drinks whenever you want, gosh, I would love that!!! And, provide endless hours of a calm environment just so that you could rest and get in those incredible hours of sleep that seem to elude us now that we are parents?

This toddler life just seems too good to be true! Well, for me as a grown-up it does.
If I was able to act like a toddler, and throw some mean toddler tantrums, here’s how I think my day would go!
  1. I would wake up, go running through the house waking everyone as I go.
  2. I would scream for my coffee and if it was too hot or too cold, I would throw it on the floor and shout WARM!! – well, I hate warm coffee, so I would probably shout HOTTER!
  3. Then I would lie on the couch and demand that my favorite show is put on!
  4. Once in a calm state, I would stand in front of my closet and proceed to throw out every single piece of clothing that I own and end up digging to the bottom of the pile and wearing the first item I had flung.
  5. I would proceed to climb into my car, put my seat belt on and yell all the way to work that I was uncomfortable.
  6. Then, walking into my office, I would throw all the contents on my desk onto the floor and repack it back onto the desk with precision – at least what I think is precision.
  7. I would yawn my way through the day denying that I am tired and giving everyone a dirty look if they suggested otherwise.
  8. Once home, I would remove all my clothes and run around in my underwear, with the newfound energy of a Jackrabbit – I’m sure my husband would love this :)
  9. My fork would play around with the food I just cooked and I would find great enjoyment in once again screaming for my glass of wine to be filled!
  10. Finally, I would lie in bed and find every excuse not to sleep – OK, maybe I do that already!!

Your total mega-meltdown tantrum really helped me see your side of things – said no mother ever!

–  Someecards