About Me

Hi, I’m Jacqui Bester… proud mom of five amazing children, 3 boys and 2 girls, and wife to the most extraordinary man in the world. We’ve been married for 15 years, lived on two different continents, and shared countless adventures together – the most beautiful one being raising our five children.

I hold degrees in the fields of both education and psychology, and consider myself a life-long learner… always looking for the lesson in each new experience, sometimes hidden from plain sight and sometimes clear enough to light up the sky.

I love reading, music, trying out new foods and going on crazy travels with my lovely Bester Zoo. I’m passionate about writing as a creative outlet, and using it as an opportunity for self-reflection and offering hope to others. On this site you will find unfiltered, honest posts about the ups and downs of parenthood, home-schooling, travel, and a whole bunch of other topics scattered in between.

Below is a more formal bio about me and the work I’ve done…

Jacqui Bester is a respected and much-loved writer on parenthood and womanhood. She has worked with well known publications, celebrities, authors, designers and world renowned brands; such as Mattel, Pampers, Disney, Hasbro, LEGO, Rookie USA (Converse, Nike, Jordan), Michael Hill USA, and many more.

What started out as a writing outlet for personal reflection soon morphed into a much bigger project. One that has seen her collaborating with major brands in the parenting industry. She founded the South African Mommy Blogger Awards (SA Parenting Blog Awards), because she believes in the value that bloggers add to the online influencer community. Jacqui also became the founding co-editor of Parenty, a parenting platform owned by The Citizen (South Africa), and has also been featured on Jacaranda FM.

Jacqui not only holds qualifications in both education and psychology, but has also self-published her first book “My Forever Mommy”, which is a beautiful short story that serves as a helpful doorway for adoptive parents and caregivers to discuss the journey of adoption with their children.

Jacqui believes strongly in community and uplifting others. She is a go-getter, a project starter, and a creative force to be reckoned with.