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Our divinely imperfect big family life

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To The Best Father Ever

To the best father ever, so often, as a mother, I find myself running through my daily routine... focused like a well-trained sniper on the kids and all that needs

Sometimes the answer will just be NO.

The challenge of raising children in this day and age is fraught with tension between intention and pretension. There is a constant tug-of-war between doing what you think is right

Overcoming Feelings of Un-Appreciation!

Whether you just happened to stumble upon this post or have come here from my Letters Of Lace series. Know that you are in the company of a good friend! There are

Admitting That Parenting Is Difficult!

Admitting that parenting is difficult. Sitting here... trying to think of something to write... (cue crickets chirping!) I am at a complete loss for words, without inspiration, I have absolutely

Accepting help in the world of parenting.

So today I had one of those parenting experiences that catch you completely off guard and leave you a little breathless. You know, one of those experiences that stop you

The Pee Files #3 – Of The Pink Kind

Have you ever had one of those embarrassing parenting moments... when you would love to just offer a sheepish smile in apology, and vanish into thin air? I'm convinced that

Our Journey To Homeschool Education

Homeschool Education - These last few months have brought with them so many questions, frustrations and considerations for the future of our family. We've decided to take our children's education

Getting Down & Dirty

Living in today's "tech-savvy", germ-a-phobic world. I find that children are spending less and less time outdoors. Understanding technology and taking care of oneself is incredibly vital, however, there is

The Ultimate South African Road Trip

The Ultimate South African Road Trip. Road trips have always been a highlight for our family, so my husband and I recently decided to embark on a 4400km, 2 week

Are we raising racist children?

Our "avoidance " of this topic is doing more harm than good. Racist; a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes

Mom Guilt vs Teacher Guilt

There are so many changes happening in my life right now... "Mom" choices I've needed to make... You know the kind; when your decision directly affects the life of your

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