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    #itsOK bloggers linky – Week 16

    #ItsOK bloggers linky – Week 16 The sh*t schools make us do?? I am so sick and tired of having to get creative for my kids school! Seriously! If it’s not dressing them up, fundraisers, making veggie trains and joining the PTA – yes, I did that this year, don’t ask me why! It must have been after a few glasses of wine… This all just seems so ridiculous, especially since I have 5 kids and each different kid has a different function almost each day of the week! What happened to good old schooling, go to school, learn and come right home. Right now it feels like all I…

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    The Kids Gym opens in Cedar Square

    An action-packed space for SA kids to get fit The number of South African children suffering from obesity doubled in six years, according to recent reports, with the country’s children at risk from poor nutrition and the sedentary lifestyles that have become synonymous with increased access to tables and other technologies. This is all in an environment where it’s just not safe for children to be sent to ‘go out and play’ unsupervised. The Kids Gym, now open at the centrally located and upmarket Cedar Square in Northern Johannesburg, is the answer for parents wanting to take their children to a non-competitive space that nurtures a love for physical activity,…

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    Inspired by Babies – Created by Pampers

      **Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The new Pampers Baby Dry nappies were sent to us to review. However, the views and opinions expressed are my own. ** Pampers has established a new standard of excellence with the launch of #PampersAirMagic #PampersAirMagicMoment Air Channel in their Pampers Baby-Dry range   We have always been fans of the Pampers nappies. Five children in, I think it is safe to say, we are experienced nappy users and I can promise you, there is no better disposable nappy. It doesn’t matter if you are a new mom or an experienced mom when you find that product that works, you hang on to…

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    Week 11 – The #itsok Linky

    We’re back!!! And yes, #itsok to be running haggard !! Jeepers, it feels like Christmas and New Year were just yesterday! I cannot believe that I am into week 2 of school already. My little girl started Grade R and my boys are now in Grade 2 and 3. How did that happen? My youngest daughter starts pre-school on Wednesday and my baby boy (who is 20 months) starts his baby class on Wednesday as well! The best part, they finish at 3 different times. 12:30, 13:30 and 14:00… I’m like a glorified taxi 🙂 That being said, its great to be back in routine! My kids are sleeping better…

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    Week 10 – The #itsok Linky

    Yes, you read that right! I have joined the #itsok linky… Since moving back to South Africa, I have been trying to figure out a way forward in my blogging. It has been a long road, I won’t lie. I almost shut my entire blog down, mostly because of my frustration of it crashing TWICE!. Transitioning back into our home country was not as easy as I thought it would be. (Not to mention baby #5, who is now 18 months old) 🙂 But, here I am taking it one day at a time, trying to find my feet again. So, when Carly from Mom Of Two Little Girls, (a…

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    Do We Really Know What Our Children Are Eating?

    DECIPHER FOOD LABELS WITH THESE SIMPLE TIPS   If you’ve ever been stumped looking at food label wording in the supermarket aisle, trying to decipher GDA from NRV’s, per 100g from per serving, kilojoules from calories and more, then you’re not alone. Translating the nutritional information on a food label into actionable knowledge can get confusing for most consumers.  Nestlé South Africa decided to survey some of its Good Food Conversations community to uncover just how confusing nutritional information really is. While most of the consumers surveyed recognised the importance of wellness, proper nutrition and were taking steps towards living healthier lifestyles, they also admitted they didn’t go too much out of their…