Gratitude, I know… I know… I’ve been a little slow in posting since I returned from my time in SA.

And I could probably come up with some excuses for why; like the fact that I hate unpacking after a trip – so every day I wade myself a little deeper into the bags that I brought back, or that family routine took over rather abruptly – and the school run waits for no one (not even a blogger!); or that we are busy renovating parts of our home – sure, it’s really just painting, but I’m going to claim it anyway. Nevertheless, here I am, finally getting what I feel to be an adequate amount of time to sit down and write something that (I hope) is worth reading…

It was an absolute pleasure when Daisy and I got the chance to get out and enjoy a walk in the neighborhood a couple of days ago. The season is changing… from the relentless heat of Summer – that calls for hours by the pool with a cold (usually colorful) drink in your hand; to the gentle breeze of Fall, with hues of orange, yellow and red slowly coloring the treeline… and on this walk, we found ourselves all bundled up with coats, and hats, and gloves, enjoying the crisp air and picking wildflowers.

As we walked and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery it got me thinking about the little things (or what we think are little things) in life. However, they really are the big things, the things that keep us going, the things that actually matter!

As I said above, I’ve just returned from a trip home to South Africa, and – although the flight back was horrid (a future post, I promise) – during my time there I gained some fresh perspective on all that surrounds me, yet is so far away. Things that I might have been ungrateful for when we lived there or at least taken for granted.

Visiting my cousin (whom I had not seen in a while), and seeing how her kids have grown. Daisy got the chance to meet them for the first time. Spending time with my mom, mother-in-law, and my husband’s grandmother.  Celebrating a special friend’s wedding, and getting time to see and catch up with many old friends, was beyond amazing!



Continuing with our walk, and wandering deeper into my thoughts, I was reminded of how fickle we can be at times. Trust me, I am speaking about myself primarily! Time for a little gratitude?

We tend to get caught up in the culture of “new” (all the latest FADS, from fashion to technology, and everything else too), and sadly, we tend to become judgmental of those who don’t follow the same trends. We spend more time obsessing over questions like: How up-to-date is the style of our home? Can I afford the 2017 model of my car, because no one wants to be seen driving a 2015 model, right? Not to mention our social media photo lineup… Life has become all about the ME, the most current,  up-to-date, trend-setting Me… and so much less about the WE.

What happened to the old adage: “it takes a village”? Perhaps more importantly… what happened to that village? Did we forget about them somewhere along the line, in our chase after newer and better? Have we become so self-involved that we don’t stop to appreciate the small things anymore? The things that don’t cost money… The people that surround us! How often do we take the time to stop and listen… and I mean REALLY listen? Taking the ME out of the equation for a little while.

Today I got to stop and pick some wildflowers. A moment of gratitude.


Such a small thing to do. But such a rewarding and soul-enriching moment. To just enjoy what I am surrounded by. I may not have riches, the smartest car, wear the latest fashions, or have a holiday home (to name just a few). But… I have a supportive family, beautiful friends, healthy and happy children, my health, and an amazing and loving husband… And now a vase full of gorgeous wildflowers.

Take a moment to stop, today, for a brief minute, and take in the small things. For they far outweigh what we think are the big things. Embracing gratitude.