What is home and is it OK to feel homesick? Today I had a bad day. Today I felt all alone. Today I missed my home. What is home? Well, I think home is …

Not necessarily the place, home is the people that fill that space. But it’s also a place. It must be because somehow we remember trees (and tree-houses), swings and porches, the familiar sounds of rickety gates, and exactly where we kept our plates… and all of that is home.

Home is walking into a friend’s house, making yourself a cup of coffee, sitting in their kitchen, and waiting for them to come in. Home is knowing who doesn’t have to knock to come in, they just simply announce their arrival with a loud “yoohoo! I’m home.”

Home is popping into the pharmacy, and having the pharmacist ask you how your children are, naming them each by name. Or your child’s pediatrician coming to their birthday party (he was, after all, the one who actually caught each one of your babies in the delivery room).

Home is a colleague making you a cup of tea, knowing you need one!

Home is watching your friend’s children treat your home like theirs.

Home is knowing you belong.

Home is Granny reading a bedtime story.

Home is a feeling like everything is known, familiar, and safe.

Home is the tastes and scents that make you smile.

Home is walking in and seeing Ouma cooking dinner.

Home is Sunday lunch.

Home is the place that never leaves your heart.

Home is… well… just that! Home.

Today I missed my home, I was homesick…