Let’s look at the Magic Desktop. In today’s day and age, we hear the most frightening things about what children can get up to, or be exposed to, when  they use the internet. The statistics of cyber bullying from peers are horrific, the things they might view while browsing are more scary than a Stephen King film, and that’s not even to mention the many children who become victims of pedophiles and others who target them on the internet.

It’s enough to make a parent (especially one like me) drag my kids into a cave and pretend that we still only have smoke-signals to communicate with other villages… but alas technology has moved well beyond that.

And let’s face it…that’s a good thing (it really can be). As parents, we cannot shy away from technology. Technology has offered a new global cyber language that allows connections that cross almost every barrier conceivable; and our children need to be taught how to become more fluent in this language, and how to maneuver around the world of the internet as safely as possible.

Let me “bring this home” quickly. I was both surprised and impressed when I heard that my Kindergartner was using an Ipad in class. I know that he is very fortunate to be in a school that has these facilities, but there is always that nagging feeling of what he may come across, wether it be on the school Ipad or the one we have at home.

So I was super impressed when I was contacted by Magic Desktop, and asked to have  a look at their program. Watch this clip, you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t!

How impressive is that!

Here’s what I like most about it:

1. Magic Desktop is not just another program for kids. It’s a platform that allows parents to confidently leave children to use the internet unsupervised. How awesome if that?!? Children cannot access any of our files (protecting sensitive family info from those who would try to access it through our children), or system settings (so they are unable to change any of the security measures we put in place), OR be exposed to inappropriate content (and let’s be honest, that’s a huge benefit!).

2. Children can enjoy all their programs by launching them from within Magic Desktop.

3. All wallpapers are interactive, so our children can have a lot of fun, without even opening a program.

4. It is password-protected, so we can decide what our children do within Magic Desktop, we can set restrictions for certain programs, or for the entire computer!

5. This is my favorite!! Children CANNOT leave this safe environment on their own, they need to have access to your password. Therefore making it impossible for them to get into OUR programs.

6. There are over 50 000 interactive, educational videos, games and activities.

7. From the age of 2 to 12. Whether reading or geography, it’s all here. Parents can even review their children’s performance and decide which activities need more attention.

8. Children can have their own email address and, because parents need to approve senders, all mail from unapproved email addresses go straight into quarantine where parents have to assess them. Now that rocks!

9. It gets even better, children are able to browse the internet within the program but only on approved zones. For eg: National Geographic. But, If there is an external link and the child clicks on it, it will be automatically blocked! Kids can then add a blocked website to their wish list, for their parents to approve.

10. Lastly, this platform has an “Active Parents” control, where the parent can log in from any device to check what their child has been up to… Now this I like.

The idea behind Magic Desktop is that it turns the Windows operational system into a safe and educational playground for kids! And it works!

I personally found my experience with Magic Desktop amazing. It was safe, easy and most of all, FUN for my kids to use and explore! There is just SO much to choose from. It’s vibrant, exciting, and even has some of the latest fads ie: Dora The Explorer, etc. joining in as well!

My kids adored this program, and I was comforted by the fact that I knew my kids could enjoy technology at it’s safest!

Give it a try, I’m certain you will love it.

You can find Magic Desktop at

Website – www.magicdesktop.com

Facebook  – Easybits Magic Desktop

Twitter – @MagicDesktop

*disclosure – I did not receive payment for this review.