HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, invites you on a journey of discovery and (re)connection with an exciting 30-day parenting challenge.

Life can get chaotic. During these moments, we battle to switch off from all that is happening around us. This is when our intentional parenting is consumed by our surroundings. 

The Nokia T20 is loved for its versatile features, including long-lasting battery life, a crisp 2K screen, and immersive OZO Audio and OZO playback. It’s trusted because of its award-winning qualities, premium Nordic quality, and two years of OS upgrades for signature reliability. Bringing a new ecosystem of accessories for added peace of mind and longevity.

Join us on the 30-day parenting challenge to more time with your little ones, to help tune out the noise for a much-needed quiet time in the home, and to up the ante for more purposeful time spent.

The Parenting Challenge With The Nokia T20

Day 1

Take some time out to reflect on the activities that fill your family cup. Try the Google Keep App to keep your notes safe and secure.

Day 2

Install Kids Space on your Nokia T20 tablet for on-demand fun. Google kids Space is a tablet experience with content to help kids discover, create and grow.

Day 3

Check out the BabyYumYum Instagram page for the recent Instalive chat with Michelle Wynne from HDM Global on technology for good and finding balance in the home.

Day 4

Start your day with music. Play your child’s favorite songs and release energy with a dance-off.

Day 5

Inspire a love of reading. Using the Kids Space, cuddle up and enjoy hundreds of incredible books.

Day 6

Get physical with your child and hug them five times today. Let’s make sure their love tank is full.

Day 7

What’s for lunch? Share the chef-load and try out a collective family cooking adventure from Kids Space.

Day 8

Turn it off, from the home screen in Google Kids Space, and press and hold the parent menu. Go to parental controls > Google Kids Place >Turn off Google Kids Space. Confirm your password to verify you’re the parent. Then select Turn Off.

Day 9

Hide a selection of small healthy treats around the house and play a treasure hunt game. You can choose to turn Kids Space back on later in the day.

Day 10

Have a color day. Everyone enjoys a dress-up. Choose a color, Have everyone dress in that color, eat food in that color, play with toys of that color, and read books that have the color as a cover.

Day 11

Try to spend at least 30 minutes of one on one time with your child/ren today.

Day 12

Download a family favorite or try out the free selection on GooglePlay.

Day 13

Dress up and capture the magic with a fun-filled family shoot. Let your little ones take silly pictures of you using the Nokia T20, and don’t forget to pull them in for a bear-hug-selfie.

Day 14

Make today special by building a fort and playing games together.

Day 15

Get inspired to create, discover, and practice their skills with recommended videos from YoutTube Kids in the Make Tab on Kids Space. Choose one, and make it come to life together.

Day 16

Turn off all the tech and connect over a cup of hot chocolate. Nothing beats a good conversation.

Day 17

Make a card for someone that inspires you.

Day 18

Spend time playing a game of their choice. You can build a tall tower or find a new educational game on Kids Space. All games are teacher approved.

Day 19

Laugh and let laugh. Fill the day with knock-knock jokes and encourage your little ones to share what makes them chuckle.

Day 20

Stick googley eyes on everyday items, their lunch box, cereal bowl, favorite book, or even their shoes. Life is too short to be serious all the time.

Day 21

Enjoy a nature walk and collect things from the list below.

  1. A special rock
  2. The perfect hiking stick
  3. Something that smells good

Day 22

Experiment with exciting science projects in the Make Tab on Kids Space

Day 23

Teach your family a new word today. Challenge them to use it over the next week. Download the Word of the Day App for some inspiration.

Day 24

Take a video diary. Ask your children questions they can rewatch when they are older. Here are some ideas.

  1. What makes you happy
  2. What makes you laugh
  3. What is your favorite food, and why
  4. What are your favorite colors, and where can you find them
  5. What are your favorite songs, and would you like to sing one

Day 25

Surprise your children with one of their favorites. Be it their favorite meal, outing, movie, book, or ice cream.

Day 26

Send an email to your child/ren (they can read when they are older) – celebrating what you love about them.

Day 27

Host an afterschool or homeschool playdate.

Day 28

Take them on a journey to your past. Show your children an old photo album, play your favorite childhood game, and tell them about things you have in common with them.

Day 28

Tell your children about when you were little and some of the silly things you got up to.

Day 30

Reflect. What did you love most about the 30-day parenting challenge, and how can you incorporate intentional time more often?

As a family, we enjoyed participating in this 30-Day Parenting Challenge With HMD Global & Nokia. We had fun, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. Try it, and let us know in the comments below how it goes. 

Disclosure – We received the Nokia T20 for personal use during the 30-day challenge. All opinions are my own.