HMD Global released the brand new Nokia T20 tablet, which brings the classic Nokia phone quality to the big screen. There are a range of incredible features and a long-lasting battery life that helps you excel and relax when it’s time to play.

Screen time and helping to keep our children safe are just as important as nurturing their creativity and learning. The Nokia T20 comes with Google Kids Space, a trusted kids mode for children to explore apps, books, and videos which nurture their curious minds.

Google Kids Space works in parallel with your child’s Google account, which parents can help manage with the Family Link parental controls.

Disclosure – We received the Nokia T20 for personal use. All opinions are my own.

What are our thoughts about Google Kids Space With The Nokia T20?

Google Kids Space With The Nokia T20 (2)

  • The Nokia T20 has an elegant design. It is light to handle, making it easier for little hands to hold while enjoying their Google Kids Space experience.
  • The long-lasting battery life is a godsend for parents. The Nokia T20’s powerful 8200mAh3 battery allows for 15 hours of power. There is no need to be bound by a charging cable.
  • The Nokia T20 2K display ensures a crisp and clear viewing experience. It is also blue light certified, protecting the eyes of our little ones.
  • Thanks to stereo speakers with OZO playback (OZO playback provides an all-immersive spatial audio listening experience for the device users with features like Stereo Widening and Bass Enhancement), your child will enjoy an immersive listening experience.
  • When setting up Google Kids Space you can decide on the amount of freedom you want your child to have and modify it at any time using the Family Link App.
  • My favorite element is that you can limit your child’s screen time through the Family Link App. Your child’s screen will turn black and read “time for a break.”
  • Google Kids Space allows you to decide which content to block. You could keep it to only educational content. Or add your Netflix or Disney + subscriptions. We chose the former.
  • Google Kids Space only allows apps that are teacher approved. We all know how annoying it is when your child downloads an app and inappropriate content jumps up. With Google Kids Space, this is all prevented.
  • There is a world of reading at your child’s fingertips. Books curated for your child and inspiring a love of literature with the brightly colored images given to you by the Nokia T20.
  • Google Kids Space allows your child to dive into a world that fascinates them. It recommends quality content based on your child’s interests. For a homeschool mom, this safe learning tool is a win!

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We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the Nokia T20 and Google Kids Space. This versatile tablet with all its incredible features (especially how affordable it is) is definitely worthwhile.

The Nokia T20 is priced from around R3,999 or R279/month. It has 4GB Ram and 64GB of onboard memory (WiFi and LTE) in Ocean Blue. This device is now available in South Africa. A rugged flip cover will be available to protect your Nokia T20 against drops and scratches and can be bought separately from selected online stores.

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