Christmas, what a magical time of year, there is something quite wonderful about sharing Christmas with children! The unbridled excitement, the genuine belief in all things magical, the pure joy at every opened gift… watching children celebrate and enjoy Christmas is nothing short of spectacular!

Their sense of awe and wonderment! Of innocent belief in something far greater than ourselves! Sure, Christmas has always been a special holiday for us, but since children have been added to the mix, it has become exciting again (for lack of a more “grown-up” word).

Sharing the story of Christmas with them, watching the excitement grow each day as we peel another layer off our advent calendar! Watching them watching the tree being put together, and realizing it’s their turn to hang the star at the very top! Sprinkling reindeer food in the garden, preparing Santa’s milk and cookies. (Ok, in our house it’s usually beer and cookies, yup that’s right folks… Santa drinks beer. How else do you think he got that belly?) And, finally, climbing into their Christmas pj’s, waiting for morning to come… When the family goes to worship together at church, and then return home to share in a veritable feast, and gathers round the tree for presents to be opened. These are some of our child-filled Christmas adventures.

To lose ourselves in the wonder of Christmas with them is such a joyous moment for us as parents!

One of our traditions, since the kids have grown up just a little, is to share a few stories with them during the week before Christmas. One such story, is “The Night Before Christmas”.

“It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring,
Not even a … mouse” – or was it a bear?

This is an adorable book, brought to life, using a poem written by Clement Clarke Moore. Gorgeously illustrated, with the turn of every page, it feels like you’re being invited to climb right into the story and enjoy your very own front seat!

The Night Before Christmas

Which is exactly what we did!!! In a manner of speaking, of course… We live ourselves into the story, changing voices, making faces… The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this together, and we giggled with delight with each rhyming sentence!

What made it even more exciting was the fact that it is a family of bears that St Nick visits.

The Night Before Christmas

This new twist on the classic The Night Before Christmas story is fun, exciting and captivating. Definitely a must-read for all little ones! I’m looking forward to reading this again in 3 weeks time!!

Jacqui Bester

Disclaimer: One Messy Mama received an amazing Epub book to read to my children in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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