Kidloland – As a parent I often find myself overwhelmed by the amount of technology that my kids are exposed to. Screen time for children is a constant headache in our house. Seriously, when I was a kid I didn’t even know where to switch on the TV (because I hardly ever watched it), but my kids seem to know how to use “voice-activated” remote controls (who are these little tech-geniuses running around in my house?). Technological advances at every point bombard us. And it scares me a little if I’m honest.

What gets to me the most, is the undeniable and unavoidable truth that unless our children are tech-savvy they will simply be “left behind” in one of the most important areas of modern development… It is just simply “the way the world is going.” But, as a parent, I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place because, while I see the value of technology and the importance of my children being well-versed in it, I cannot pretend that it is all healthy.

Screen Time For Children

Technology also brings with it a number of new troubles and unfortunate side effects. How do we give our kids the technological skills they need, and expose them to the tremendous benefits of technology, while also protecting them from the harms of it all?. On the one hand, we get “forced” to encourage our kids to use all the latest technological fads, because we would hate for them to NOT be clued up and left behind. But on the other hand, so many parenting sites and articles talk about the negative side effects of “screen-time”.

Parenting is difficult enough, now we are burdened with this as well! What to do? I’m flustered already! I guess it all boils down to WHAT we allow our children to participate in, and we need to ask ourselves a few questions as well!

  1. Is it age-appropriate?
  2. Is it educational, yet fun?
  3. Would we mind our children spending lengthy amounts of time on it?
  4. Are there inappropriate ads that pop up? (I find this so annoying!)
  5. Is it worth the money you are going to spend?

Well, I am pleased to say that KIDLOLAND offers all of the above. This is the perfect app for children aged 0-5 (don’t tell my boys I told you, but they enjoy it too :) )

With over 1000 Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Phonetic/ABC/Number games, and Readable Stories (which I LOVE for my first grader as it offers a “read for me” or “read myself” option. This is a great option for screen time and is great for extra reading practice!!)

KIDLOLAND is bright, colorful, and engaging, and everything is interactive so little ones can tap away and see new and exciting things pop onto the screen!

Yes, there are times when this Mama needs a break too. I hate to admit it, but handing over the Ipad in exchange for a few quiet moments is a must at times. I’m super grateful for this non-guilty sanity saver!

Knowing that my children are using a safe, fun, and educational program makes it all the better!

Why not have a look?


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