Schooling At Home During LockdownSchooling at home during this period of uncertainty is creating anxiety for many. The COVID-19 virus has parents scrambling to find a semblance of normality, for themselves and their children.

I was asked by the creators of the “Just Imagine Kids Support Community” to share my views on how to alleviate the stress that has been caused by this uncertain time.

This was amazing. To those of you who were watching live, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Topics covered were:

– Structure and Scheduling For Your Kid’s “school” day
– How to overcome the feeling of anxiety when your kids become overwhelming
– Fun VS Educational SCREEN TIME (Fantastic Discussion!)
– How To Get Your Youngest Kids To “Concentrate”
– How To Set “positive” boundaries
– How To Make Schooling From Home More Of A “GAME”

Just a few ideas below –

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1. Sensory Boxes

2. Chalk Drawings

3. Paint, Cut, and Paste

4. Open-Ended Toys

5. Dirt

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1. Educate with simplicity

2. Educate through life experiences

3. Get moving

4. Read, Read, Read

5. Engage

6. Target Time

7. Choose Your Battles

My honest advice, throw away the rigid schedules!