Mother’s Day in the 21st century looks a lot different than it did a few decades ago. Gone are the days when mothers sat back and waited for a new vacuum cleaner, household supplies, or the latest Dust Buster.

Below are some ideas of what I think modern mothers will enjoy this Mother’s Day.

1. Tech Love

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Call it the digital revolution, the internet of things, or (more recently) Lockdown-induced Tech-Savvy Explosion… call it whatever you like… but the fact is that more-and-more moms are falling in love with tech and gadgets. Why not spoil your tech-loving mom with a new gadget or a software upgrade of some kind? It’s “out of the box”, creative, and in vogue.

2. Whiskey/Gin/Wine Tasting

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Spoiling mom with a carefully curated tasting of various drams, botanicals, or cultivars is a sure way of praising her refined palate, or helping her explore a more recently discovered enjoyment of fine drinks. A well-presented tasting event like this is fun, informative, and (maybe) not something mom would usually buy for herself.

3. Hobby Obsession

Mothers Day Gift Guide

All moms have hobbies, but they’re not always willing to spend a lot of time or money on them. So, a gift card or an expo or even membership to a hobby group is something that says: “We know what you enjoy, and we want you to enjoy more of it.”

4. The Wild Ride

Mothers Day Gift Guide

For the adrenaline junky mom, nothing could be a bigger hit than getting her a voucher to go sky-diving or bungee jumping, or whatever else gets her blood pumping and heart racing. Feed her a sense of adventure and challenge her to do the next thing on her bucket list.

5. Silence

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Most moms dream of little more than a few moments of pure silence… being pampered for a day… and having the freedom to indulge just a little. No better place to do that than at a spa, especially if she gets to do it with a close friend (or even a daughter).

6. Fast and Furious

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Drop the stereotypes! Moms can drive (and not just mini-vans); think of all the trips she had to make to soccer and ballet, often running ten minutes late but still managing to get you there on time. So why not spoil mom with a day at the track?

7. Night on the town

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Not the usual dinner and movie fare, please… be creative! Find out what the newest hippest restaurant is, take her into the city (if you live in the suburbs), and find a trendy art exhibition or theatre production. Do the unusual – even if it’s not normally what she’d choose – and it will be a night to remember.

8. A Short Course

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Writing, art, cooking, pottery, gardening, and public speaking, the options are endless. Find out from long-standing friends or older family members what she used to enjoy as a child, then book her a short course for that. Trust me, this is a winner!

9. Girls’ Weekend Away

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day should be about so much more than just a day. So bite the bullet, tell Dad it’s his turn to parent, and get your friends to do the same. Send the moms away for a weekend of bliss; just make sure it’s an all-inclusive deal so they don’t have to worry about anything when they get there.

10. Firm Favorites

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Let’s not forget the classics! Moms still love a hand-made card, a bunch of flowers, a nice cup of tea, and maybe even some breakfast in bed.

Did You Enjoy This Mother’s Day Gift Guide?

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