The ultimate Fathers Day gift guide curated just for you. Why not thank dad for all he’s done with something unique, out of the box and extra-ordinary. Whether it’s an indulgent bottle of whisky, an adventure on four wheels or a day out in the sun. We’ve got you covered.

1. A Coffee Subscription

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Nothing says “I’m gonna kick ass today” like a good cup of Joe early in the morning. Why not make that coffee habit something of an adventure by exploring different tastes and expressions throughout the year? A coffee subscription is the ideal gift idea to make this happen.

2. Craft Beer Collection

Craft Beer

Avoid the “sex in a canoe” experience (beer connoisseurs will know the expression) by gifting the beer-loving dad with something more creative than a bud light. Craft Beer has taken the world by storm in recent years, and the best way to enjoy this delicate art is with a collection from various breweries.

3. The Real Macoy Barber Experience


“Real men aren’t afraid of grooming.” So the expression goes in some quarters. If the dad in your life is one of these real men, take your cue from his bravery and buy him an indulgent barber experience. It beats socks and mugs any day, and will make his Fathers’ Day a real treat.

4. Beard Grooming Products

Beard Grooming

The rule is: “It’s rude for a bearded man to not compliment another man’s beard”. Beards are sacred symbols of masculinity, and they deserve to be kept in pristine condition. So, if dad is a bearded hero, show him your appreciation by getting him a gift that reinforces the power of the beard.

5. Off-road Driving Course

We all know that the phrase, “women can’t drive” is complete and utter rubbish; but we also know that almost all men rate their driving ability to that of a Wolverine Engines. Perhaps this is the year to put that to the test by getting the driving mad dad an off-road driving course experience. If he passes, you can rest assured the certificate will hang proud and framed in the most prominent spot of his man-cave.

6. Tools Of The Trade

Fathers Day Gift Guide

“If a man says he’ll fix it, there’s no need to remind him every six months.” A much more subtle hint will be to get him some new tools for the job. Whether dad is into the best fiber splicing equipment, an actual DIY boss, or more of a handyman wannabee, this gift will certainly help swell his chest with pride – and… even if the door hangs crooked… the job will get done.

7. Tickets To A Whiskey Tasting

Fathers Day Gift Guide

The illustrious author, Mark Twain, once said: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” The right whisky tasting event has the power to unfold a world of flavor for novices and connoisseurs alike. So, if dad likes a fine singe malt or a beautiful blend, this is the gift for him. Maybe even stick the tickets in a copy of “The adventures of Huckleberry Finn”.

8. Hobby Gadgets

Fathers Day Gift Guide

“When a habit starts costing money, it’s called a hobby.” Dad knows how expensive his hobbies can be, so a gift that helps him give expression to his hobby makes a clear statement that he is appreciated and valued. Do your research, shop around, and get him a gadget that says, “go have fun dad.”

9. A Day On The Green

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Hackers and pros alike all know that the “most important shot in golf is the next one” (Ben Hogan). Wherever dad fits on the spectrum of hacker to pro, if he plays the game, you can bet your bottom dollar that he loves the game. And a gift that helps him play his next shot better than the last is a gift he will treasure.

10. A Short Course

This may be a little cheeky… suggesting that dad may need to learn more. But, trust me, in dad’s quieter and more honest moments, he knows that he does. This is a thoughtful and gracious gift idea that any honest dad would love. And, just in case you thought I forgot to include a quote, in the words of Dr Seuss: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

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Fathers Day Gift Guide

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