Sometimes living with 3 men (soon to be 4) is more exhausting than being a parent. Not only do I have to contend with clothes and shoes lying all over the place, and a distinct bouquet of smells, I also have to coach them through every minor search (whether it be for a pair of socks or an old broken toy)…

Let me share a conversation that took place between me and my 3 men this morning.

Mom: “Boys! Where are your gloves and Beanies? It’s  time to go.” 

Boys: “In my backpack.” (Says Sir)

Mom: “Are you sure, have you looked?”

Boys: “YUP!” (Sir) “Me too!” (Echoes Hulk)

Mom: “Ok, we’re running late. Go get your backpacks.” (Cue finding one said beanie on the floor.) “Who’s is this?”

Boys: “Mine. Mine. Mine.” (Both boys are now fighting, realizing they must not have their beanies, which means they won’t get to play outside at school – and that’s a minor catastrophe!)

Mom: “Where should your beanies & gloves be put?”

Boys: “Um… Bedroom?”

Mom: “No”

Boys: “Cupboard?”

Mom: “No”

Sister: (From the lounge, shouts) “IN YOUR BACKPACK!” (She’s definitely my kid.)

Mom: “Well boys, there is one missing, so go find it or both of you are not going to be able to go to recess today because I don’t know who’s beanie this is?” (they have the same beanies)

Husband: “We’re late!” (Captain obvious!)

Mom: “Duh? Please go look in the laundry for the RED beanie.”

Husband: (20 seconds later…) “Not there, I searched everywhere.”

Boys: “It’s not upstairs mom.”

Mom: * Big sigh * … (Goes into the laundry. Lo and Behold, one RED beanie lying on the floor with 2 sets of missing gloves) “Oh look!”

Husband: “I swear I looked. It must have been hiding.”

Boys: (Smiling because mom saved the day, again… Nah, who am I kidding… Most likely because now they can go to recess.) “Thanks, mom!”

Seriously, 3 men cannot find a missing Beanie??????

I see the sun as a lightbulb, you know that lightbulb that is meant to go off in our heads every now and then. COMMON SENSE maybe? Well if men were in actual fact from Mars, that would mean they were closer to the sun (ie: LIGHTBULB) however, they should actually be from Pluto, the farthest planet from the sun, where the light bulb is dim, dark, barely noticeable.

That would make more sense don’t you think? OH wait. Is Pluto still even classified as a planet? Or has it been demoted? Now that would indeed bring some clarity! So we’ve had it all wrong, men are actually from Pluto.. :)

No lightbulb moment there!?