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An Ode To My Sleep

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After the last couple of nights with little sleep, I sit here wide awake with my much needed JUG of coffee. You see, recently my sweet little angel child (1) decided that it is the funniest thing to wake the entire household around 4:30… every morning! What to do? It is times like these that I need to find my own little sacred space and  transport myself to a place of sweetly perfumed memories of uninterrupted sleep. So here goes; “An Ode To Sleep!”

Hello sleep, my old friend
I’ve come to dream of you again
Because a vision so encompassing
Makes me wonder where on earth I’ve been
And the thoughts of you within my mind still remain
Oh still remain within the hopes for silence

In wakened nights I sit alone
Oh I think of you and groan
The wish for coffee in my right hand

This is not at all what I had planned

When those frightful cries wake me from my sleep I think
Will my sanity I keep
Oh for the hope of silence
Oh my sleep I do adore
So many nights we’ve shared before
I could sleep without dreading

The thought of knowing it would all soon end

That the warmth I found in you would never die

Oh do not dare

Disturb my love of silence

Goodness gracious don’t you know

Oh sleep my friend you cannot go
Hear my pleas I am begging you
Give me one more night to dream with you
Hold you close, cuddle up and sail away
Oh for the hope of silenceBut I know I have a role
So for now you may go
But I pray you will NOT forget me

Visit every now and then to show me

Let me believe you
If you promise there will be an end to these sleepless nights
And all these cries
Whisper……..I will again, have silence


Adapted to the song “Sounds Of Silence” – Simon and Garfunkel

With love

One Messy Mama


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