One of the most adorable phases that I have experienced about having children, is watching them develop their little personalities within their own fantasy play! Watching them go from raging pirates to dainty princesses, brave knights to puppy dogs rolling about on the grass. It never ceases to amaze me at how creative they can become. 

That’s why I just LOVE the name of this gorgeous boutique!

Little Adventures” –  I couldn’t have said it any better!

The Little Adventures® Story

In 2002, two moms discovered the lack of clothing quality dress-ups and princess costumes available for their children, they decided to take action. Jenny Harrison, mother of ten, and Heather Granata, mother of five, began their own little adventure by sewing and selling their very own dress-ups at local craft fairs. They made them soft and machine washable! They engineered them for every day, all-day adventure! It didn’t take long for Jenny and Heather to realize the potential of their little endeavour. In their first year in business, they sewed over 2,000 dresses in Jenny’s basement…and with that, the Little Adventures brand was born

“The kids played, and we sewed until we were deliriously tired,” said Jenny. “That was the start of a series of wonderful memories and an adventure that will never be forgotten.”

Today, Little Adventures is recognized as a leading provider of quality dress-ups in the speciality toy market throughout the world.

I personally love stories like this. Dedicated moms, doing what they love and working hard to make their dreams a reality! Just have a look at these gorgeous fantasy play outfits! What’s even better, is that each outfit has a replica for a special little doll.


And no, it’s not just for girls :)

The Little Adventures® Promise

At Little Adventures we have a 100% quality guarantee! This guarantee begins with our brilliantly sewn dresses and extends throughout our entire line of dress-ups.
Our dresses feature a variety of fullness options such as organza overskirts, hip puffs, and peplums. Our stretch velvet is soft and accommodates a variety of sizes.
Many of our dresses feature wrapped seams on the inside of the dress to prevent any itchy, scratchy or uncomfortable seams from irritating a child’s sensitive skin. Bodices are adorned with fancy trims and fabrics which add to the elegance of the dress.
Our apparel-grade fabrics and construction, including finished seams and edges, provide optimum comfort to the child.
Our dresses are made using soft, durable, and snag-resistant fabrics, keeping our dress-ups looking new at all times. We promise that your child will love them!

Now the exciting part is that Little Adventures in collaboration with One Messy Mama is offering you a chance to win $50 in store credit to choose your very own Little Adventures Outfit :)

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Enter our competition today!

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My girls sure do love theirs!!! 

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Good Luck!

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Jacqui Bester