Game Review: Tech Deck Fingerboarding…You can imagine the shrieks of excitement when we received a Tech Deck press drop from Just Fun Toys to review.  #AD

What is Tech Deck?

Tech Deck is the brand behind the fingerboards which are 96mm and replicas of their full-size skateboard counterparts. They feature real graphics from some of the biggest names in the sports such as Primitive, Element, Plan B, Blind, Baker, Finesse, Santa Cruz, Sk8mafia and Toy Machine.

What was in our box?

  • 1x Tech Deck Starter Kit
  • 2x Tech Deck Build A Ramp Parks
  • 1x Tech Deck 4 Pack Multipack
  • 5x 96mm Fingerboard Singles

What really impressed me about this press drop, was the fact that this is the first time a company has realised that I have 5 kids, and each child was sent their own fingerboard.

How does fingerboarding work?

I had never heard of the term “fingerboarding” before, (I know, I live under a rock :) ) and I was intrigued to see how it worked! You place your index finger right behind the front screws and your middle finger behind the Tech Deck logo, and there you have it, you are ready to create the most awesome tricks by flipping, ramping and cruising.

Getting started

Tech Deck is really easy to set up, with stickers to add your own “graffiti” touch and the pieces were easily assembled in no time at all. Which was a bonus for me! I also love the fact that the boards come in an array of colours. My girls jumped right in, grabbed the purple and pink boards and began to play. There is also a tutorial that you can watch, which helps you see just how “narly” it is to achieve the flips and tricks. My boys were enthralled, and it turned into a competition to see who could figure the trick out first.

Watch here:


Our opinion

These fingerboards are made very well, even durable enough for the toddler :). The deck is covered in a rough “sandpaper-like” material, making the experience even more realistic. The ramps are sturdy and easily connectable. But our favourite by far was the incredible designs and colours. A bonus point – Tech Deck fingerboards are collectables, great for birthday presents and adding to that Christmas list we are all thinking about.

Competition time – T’s & C’s apply

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1x Tech Deck Starter Kit

1x Tech Deck Build-A-Ramp

1x Tech Deck 4 Pack Multipack

1x 96mm Single Fingerboard

*Valued at R1000

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