Arty Apple Bespoke & Personlised Crafts – Review

Arty Apple

‘Specialising in bespoke, personalized gifts and nursery decor that are affordable, good quality and most importantly designed to suit each and every little one that I make them for. Everything is lovingly made by hand and can be created to suit particular color schemes, nursery and bedroom themes or to match to favorite things.

Made with the same love, care and time that I use for my own little ones, you can be sure of a high-quality product and very personal service”.




We had just found out that we were pregnant when I was contacted by Amy of Arty Apple. I was fortunate enough to browse her website and choose a gift for our new bundle of joy! We hadn’t found out the gender yet but in my heart, I just knew it was a boy. So I chose this gorgeous little blue bear!

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It arrived in an adorable little box, smothered in blue tissue with a thank you card. Gorgeously handmade, perfect stitching, soft to the touch and as cuddly as a baby’s blanket. It was love at first sight.

Amy is a mom with a love of gorgeously colored fabrics and handmade crafts. She pours her time and soul into creating personalized gifts that bring joy to so many! I’ve used the word gorgeous so many times, but Amy’s products are exactly that!

Have a look at her personalized bunting for special occasions!

Go have a peek at her work!


With Love

One Messy Mama


Disclaimer – One Messy Mama received a gorgeous handmade gift in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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24 thoughts on “Arty Apple Bespoke & Personlised Crafts – Review

  1. This is so cute! My son also got a bear when he was born and is with him still today, after 9 years…I’m sure this blue bear is a keeper as well:)). And you’re right, her gifts are gorgeous! #globalblogging

  2. It’s lovely to have a gift personalised and give it special meaning. I really like the name bunting. Good job your instinct on the gender was right. I was sure my daughter was going to be a boy! #GlobalBlogging

  3. Love the bear, it’s so cute! I still have my sons first bear from 19 years ago, it’s a Peter Rabbit that sits on my book shelf because he is no longer interested in it! #globalblogging

  4. How cute! Love them. I’m not very crafty, but I do love handmade, one of a kind things. So when I come across someone selling arty stuff I like – just can’t resist. #globalblogging

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