An Open Letter To My Children – I look into your beautiful eyes and I see… I see dreams, possibilities, and promises, and hope for the future. I see the potential to change the world, to make it more than it is today, better than it was yesterday. I see pure ambition, genuine freedom, fearless curiosity, humble teachability, and eagerness to learn courage, gentleness, innocence, strength, and kindness. But most of all, I see love… a willingness to love and be loved, without reservation.

You show such sincere love for the world around you; a world in which you do not yet see race, in which you do not pass judgment, in which you know no inequality, no injustice, and no hatred. Because of this, you love with a heart that is open to others and always wanting more, a mind that is eager to grow and learn, and a soul that wants to continuously give and explore. Too young to understand and be deterred by the world’s problems.

I implore you to stay this way. I urge you to keep your vision of the world as it is today and hold fast to your perspective on reality as it is now. Don’t give up on the world. Don’t allow fear to creep up on you as you turn the corners of growing up. Choose to believe, rather than worry about what life might throw at you. Always reject the claims of those who would tell you to distrust, or to be afraid, of those who seem “different” to you. We are actually all different if we’re totally honest – and that’s beautiful! Never judge, for there will come a day when you will be judged, and at that moment you will know the value of always being gracious toward others. Stay true to yourself, and never let anyone and I mean ANYONE put you down. Carry on believing in yourself!

Don’t ever look back on your life feeling like you should have done more. Live in the moment, and have no regrets. Live each day knowing that you have done your best. And, on those days when you feel weary and downtrodden, you get straight back up you hear!

NEVER take NO for an answer! If you believe in something you fight tooth and nail to achieve it. Don’t ever sacrifice your big dreams for mediocrity! Always, and I mean ALWAYS, show respect. No matter how much you disagree. Respect shows a deeper piece of your character! No one can ever take that away from you!

Remember, you are the product of your own choices! Sometimes those choices will not be the best (trust me, I know), but even then, accept the consequences, choose to make it right, and become stronger for the bad choices you made earlier. We always need to choose between the good and the bad… Do so with integrity! Say, I’m sorry – and mean it! Show kindness and gratitude with every second chance you get. You will never know when that kindness might change the life of another. Be humble in all you do. Never boast about your achievements; let your achievements boast about you!

Be all that you can be, but don’t be like me. Be more, be your best, and never look back and think… I wish I had!

If you had to write an open letter to your children, what would you say?