Muddy puddles – Peppa Pig Style. This week has been a most welcome reprieve from the heat we’ve had lately. It’s been raining on and off for the last few days. But along with the reprieve comes the unfortunate reality that a mom can only do so much to keep her kids entertained indoors… Boredom will hit!!!

So, today I had one of those all-too-rare light-bulb moments. Why not just embrace it all? Rain, mud, and fun… Yup, it took me a while to think of this (brilliant, right?)… Anyway, here is a glimpse of our day.

Oh, by the way… Yes, they are in their pj’s. Why get dressed when you’re going to get dirty anyway… :)

MD 1

Puddle searching.

MD 2

Walking with my baby.

Muddy Puddles - Peppa Pig Style

Mission accomplished, puddle found.

MD 4

So much love for these girls.

Muddy Puddles - Peppa Pig Style

My handsome little men. LOVE!

MD 6

Nothing like some Muddy Puddles – Peppa Pig Style

MD 7

Not JUST a princess, but a fun-loving little girl.

MD 8

Pure joy!

MD 9

This kid just cracks me up!

So you see. A little (OK, a lot of) mud never hurt anyone. After a nice warm bath, and some clean fresh pj’s, all thoughts of boredom were but a distant memory, and some quiet followed… while mommy washed those filthy clothes. All worth it in the end!!

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