Muddy Puddles – Peppa Pig Style

This week has been a most welcome reprieve from the heat we’ve had lately. It’s been raining on and off for the last few days. But along with the reprieve comes the unfortunate reality that a mom can only do so much to keep her kids entertained indoors… Boredom will hit!!!

So, today I had one of those all-too-rare light-bulb moments. Why not just embrace it all? Rain, mud, and fun… Yup, it took me a while to think of this (brilliant, right?)… Anyway, here is a glimpse of our day.

Oh, by the way… Yes, they are in their pj’s. Why get dressed when you’re going to get dirty anyway… πŸ™‚

MD 1
Puddle searching.
MD 2
Walking with my baby.
MD 3
Mission accomplished, puddle found.
MD 4
So much love for these girls.
MD 5
My handsome little men. LOVE!
MD 6
Nothing like some dirt to get you jumping.
MD 7
Not JUST a princess, but a fun loving little girl.
MD 8
Pure joy!
MD 9
This kid just cracks me up!

So you see. A little (OK, a lot of) mud never hurt anyone. After a nice warm bath, and some clean fresh pj’s, all thoughts of boredom were but a distant memory, and some quiet followed… while mommy washed those filthy clothes. All worth it in the end!!

WithΒ Love

One Messy Mama


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42 thoughts on “Muddy Puddles – Peppa Pig Style

  1. Lovely! I’m forever telling my 5yo to “stop splashing in the puddles!” Next time we’ll embrace the mess as well.
    Your photos are great – the timing is perfect for catching those big splashes! Thanks for sharing your messy fun boredom buster!

  2. I love it, we spend so much time telling children not to do things that letting go like that is a pure tonic for everyone. Looks like they had so much fun and will probably be a highlight of their summer holidays. Great photos #KCACOLS

  3. Yay for puddles! Our town has a mud day once a year–they flood a big field and families are invited to come and roll in the mud. It’s a hit!

  4. ha ha ha, thats adorable. We’re kindred spirits you and I, my son is only 13 months but I regulary let him explore outside, if he finds a puddle I let him crawl and sit in it. I can’t wait till he is walking and in wellies so he can jump in puddles. For now he can just crawl and climb in buckets of water, he did that twice yesterday, clean clothes on each time! Thanks for linking up to #abrandnewday

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