So often we’re given advice on how to deal with our children’s tantrums. However, sometimes, you’ve just gotta let ’em slide… More for your own well-being, than your child’s :) Here is a look into one of the latest tantrum escapades in our household…

I hope you get a giggle out of it. I sure did (AFTER the episode was over… Like WAY afterward)!

My husband and I needed to get some groceries from Costco, so, as usual, we had our plan in mind. The eldest was at school, so that was minus one distraction. We would go early in the morning, while the kids were still in high spirits, come home, and then they could nap… Easy enough, right? Sure, easy peasy!

Well… Our plan was being perfectly executed until we had just a few more steps to take in our walk out of the store. It was pouring outside… Picture this in slow motion: I have 2 kids in my cart, my husband is pushing the cart filled with groceries, and my 3 yo daughter wants to walk to the car. In the pouring rain…

We both turn to each other as the lip begins to pout, here it comes. So like the “woes” I am, I smile and make a run for the car. The kids in my cart giggling and laughing.  I can hear the screams behind me and I’m thinking… Poor man.

So, to be kind, I whip the first two kids into the car and turn to help my husband… but I can’t help laughing. He’s carrying a screaming, kicking, 3 year old under one arm (upside-down), her long blonde locks waving to and fro while trying to push the cart with the other… In the cold, freezing rain!

It was almost like a Matrix move, I swept in to save the day, grabbed my screaming child just as she loses a boot, I sweep down grab the boot and run for cover. My husband gets the groceries in the car and we are off… Shew… The other 2 were dead quiet, very aware of the situation around them, or maybe just amused because it wasn’t them getting into trouble.

However, the screaming did not stop. It started because she wanted to walk in the rain, then it escalated when her boot fell off (and she didn’t want anyone to help her put it back on), then it reached a crescendo when she decided it was time for someone to help her, but by then we had already started driving so we couldn’t help. The screaming turned to crying because we weren’t attending to any of her IMMEDIATE requests. Finally, the crying became little more than a whimper about the fact that no one wants to help her…

All in a day’s work… Don’t you just love going grocery shopping with toddlers?

Needless to say, we survived another day of parenthood. You kind of want to smile proudly, high-five your spouse, and shout YEAH! from the rooftops. This definitely calls for a celebratory drink of some sort :)

Any funny tantrums stories on your side? Please share below!