Life Update – One Messy Mama

Well, hello there!

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? A long minute since I’ve sat down and written a post from the heart, a little life update. The last two years have been bulldozed by having to make grown-up decisions that (let’s be honest) sometimes are hard to make!

I wish my children would believe me when I tell them they should be grateful that they are still kids, and they should enjoy being taken care of every day.

As most of you know, we moved to the US a few months back – in fact, I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already. This is the second time that we’ve left South Africa. And, let me tell you, the decision wasn’t any easier the second time around. But it was one that we felt was necessary for the well-being of our family—more on that at a later stage.

Where is One Messy Mama Now?

Over the last few years, I have often wondered if I still have a voice. The blogging world has changed so much since my humble beginnings that I find myself questioning whether I still fit into it. It’s a funny thing really, wondering if you are still relevant at the tender age of 42.

I used to be so proud to be a blogger, a person who wrote down her feelings, hopefully helping another person through a chapter in their lives, providing a laugh, or providing some relevant content that was enjoyed. Now, I’m not so sure anymore.

Has it all become so commercialized, so curated and polished, so “market ready”, that there’s simply no more space left for an unassuming and unashamed voice?

Making yet another huge move in my life has really brought to the surface how quickly chapters close. I guess the question is, do they close because you want them to, or because they need to?

I don’t mean for this post to sound morbid. I’m just another mom, putting my thoughts into words. Ramblings might be a better term. I love this little blog of mine. It has brought many highs and just as many lows. It’s the place I feel free to share words as emotions.

A place where I talk to myself, and ponder.

Where is One Messy Mama? She is still here. She still has a voice, it might be a little quieter, a little more mature. But, it’s still here. And she is excited for what is to come.