Are Luxury Cruises Kid-Friendly?

Luxury cruising is one of the hottest travel trends to emerge recently. According to a report from Cruise Industry News, the market is well-positioned for growth, with 51 luxury vessels sailing in 2019, rising to an expected 89 by 2027. In line with this, an interview with company executives in Cruise & Ferries revealed that they are confident in the growth of luxury cruising since they are setting new standards for travel. The modern fleets, state-of-the-art accommodation and service, global deployment, diverse excursions, and smaller guest populations are some of the few reasons why vacationers choose to travel with luxury cruises.

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However, their exclusive nature might leave parents with the impression that the environment on luxury cruise ships might be too intimidating for children. On the contrary, the special perks and offerings found on these ocean journeys are perfect for multi-generational travel, including kids. Here, we listed some of the key ways luxury cruises accommodate children on board their vessels.

Child-focused amenities and programs

One of the biggest worries that parents have on vacation is keeping their children entertained. This can be a challenge on some luxury cruise ships, as companies like Azamara discourage families from sailing with them since they do not cater to anyone under the age of 18. As such, it is important to research and book a luxury cruise trip that has child-focused amenities and programs.

For example, MSC Cruises has a Young and Teen Program for its whole fleet, where guests aged 12 to 17 can access exclusive facilities with the latest consoles, board games, and VR technology. They can also expect friendly sports competition on the ship’s premium fitness centres and aquapark to enjoy making meaningful memories with fellow youths on board.

For toddlers and babies, some cruise lines also have babysitting programs to help parents have their own time exploring the luxury amenities while feeling safe that their young child is taken care of by dedicated staff.

All-inclusive luxury suites

Luxury suites come with a lot of in-suite perks. Besides having the latest technology and superior interior design, their all-inclusive nature includes different features that ensure each multi-generational suite feels like a home on the water. Explora Luxury Journeys highlight their roomy accommodations that feature connecting suites to allow families to stay together comfortably without needing separate rooms. Their suites also come with dedicated
hospitality experts who provide intuitive service for all guests, but especially the little ones who may need extra attention to ensure they feel comfortable in a new environment.

In line with this, the suites can also be where families take their meals together in the event that your children are not in the best mood to be with others. Additionally, you can also order child-friendly snacks like fruit, popcorn, and cookies to avoid grumpy tantrums, which we recommend in our post on 5 Ways To Have A Successful Family Outing. The attentive staff found in luxury cruises will be more than happy to accommodate any needs from young guests to ensure they have a happy experience without compromising the atmosphere within the ship.

Engaging family itineraries

Since luxury cruise ships are dedicated to providing guests with immersive and unparalleled travel experiences, it is part of their selling point to have engaging travel destinations and itineraries. But not all luxury cruises have dedicated family-friendly excursions, so opt to choose a luxury cruise line that is inclusive of younger guests.

Companies like Paul Gauguin Cruises offer exclusive boutique excursions that were designed to engage young guests on-board and ashore, with the supervision of their families. Their Moana Explorer Program sails the South Pacific during the time kids are off school, and they include activities that explore marine life, conduct science experiments, and generally learn more about the environment. The activities are not only geared to keep children away from boredom but they are also taught how to be more devoted to becoming custodians of the planet, which parents can also learn from with them, making it a fun family activity.

Overall, the all-inclusive nature of luxury cruise ships is perfect for families, but it is important to seek out cruise lines that have dedicated services to accommodate younger guests. This not only ensures that your children are happy and having fun, but it also lessens the stress of worrying whether they’re safe and comfortable. For more tips, blog posts, and other motherhood content, please visit One Messy Mama.