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Dealing with Skin Conditions – Sebamed – Review

There are certain times during the year when my frustration levels rise for no other reason than simply what season it happens to be. You know what seasons I’m talking about… The gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows of Fall; and the splendid bursts of pink, blue and white during Spring, are tempered by those dreaded allergies and skin conditions that accompany these seasons!

Sir and Mr HULK both have a light form of Eczema. Their itching sometimes drives me to the point of tears. Especially Mr HULK. Fortunately it’s not as bad as it could be. For that I am truly thankful! However when his skin is inflamed and sore I want to pull my hair out – the poor little man even has scaring from all his scratching.

Daisy and Bum have very fair skin. When they were born I couldn’t use any baby products on them, because it would end up in a rash all over their little bodies. Fortunately our local pharmacist mixed us up his own brew of cream, which is what we ended up bathing them in, and it worked a treat (I suspect he was actually a modern-day alchemist).

Boy, do I wish I had know about Sebamed then.


“Sebamed represents one of the leading brands for medicinal skin care with a pH value 5.5 of healthy skin. All products of the sebamed range contain high-quality active ingredients which cleanse and nourish the skin without destroying the natural acid protection mantle. More than 120 scientific studies have tested the high effectiveness and very good skin compatibility of all sebamed products and confirm their skin care competence for sensitive and problematic skin.”

The last thing I want to do with any of my children’s skin, is dry it out, like most traditional soaps do. That’s why I love the fact that Sebamed has a pH value of 5.5, (the same as our skin) therefore keeping the skin at it’s natural moisture balance.

It is moisture rich, non-greasy, alkali free, and quickly absorbed. Mr HULK hates dislikes any form of lotion on his body! So this is perfect! I also like the fact that it isn’t perfumed. There are no Parabens (preservatives) and Phthalates (salts)… I had to look that up, no science major here, just a mom that wants to keep her kids skin healthy!


These products make their skin so soft that I want to rub it all over my own body… But wait – I can! Sebamed is not just for little ones but has a vast range of products for the entire family! Just take a look here!

There has been such a change in my children’s skin. And I’m so grateful for discovering this product now that i’m expecting our fifth child… keeping baby’s skin soft and moisturized is going to be a breeze with Sebamed 🙂 I have definitely been won over!

With Love

One Messy Mama


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  • Rhian Harris

    So horrible. My husband had it from childhood and although it is so much better nowadays, he has flare ups. Luckily littlun seems to be OK so far. Hope it improves for your loved ones #GlobalBlogging

  • Catie: An imperfect mum

    Son suffered with dry skin when he was young but seems to have grown out of it. I would have tried anything to help
    Him. I am
    Sure there are many parents who will be happy for the tip! Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT

  • Nige

    One of my twin girls has skin issues and it can be a difficult issue these products look great will be checking them out thanks for hosting #globalblogging

  • Ellen

    Oh I’m glad you found a product that works! My siblings and I all have relatively sensitive skin and can’t use all products. When I was pregnant I got awful itchiness and it drove me insane – so I really sympathise with your family! #bigpinklink

  • Mummy Bee

    My son has been suffering from itchy dry skin and I have tried all the recommended things I even went to the doctors and they prescribed a cream for him but it does not seem to be doing anything for his skin. I think I will have to try the Sebamed products and see if they make a difference. #GlobalBlogging

  • Lex Jackson

    My little one suffers from not eczema, but gets a bit of a skin irritation from where her nappy is. We currently don’t put anything in her bath water and only use a milk skin cream we purchased over the counter but definitely going to give these products a try. #globalblogging

  • Bee | Better than busy

    Oh my gosh, I so know what you mean. My boy, Captain Destroyer, has eczema too. He loves to come into my bed and scratch all night. I’m torn between being driven nuts because I’m tired and its impossible to sleep with a little person who constants wakes up and scratches and feel so sorry for the little guy 🙁

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to see if they sell it over here.


  • stacey oakes

    I had terrible eczema as a baby and someone (a man down the pub apparently) suggested I should only be having goats milk. In 1981 this was hard to come by so my parents bought a goat and my dad milked it for me every day!! My eczema cleared up and i’ve never had dry skin or eczema since!.x

  • Lisa Pomerantz

    My littles struggle with excema too. I wonder why such an uprise. Not many kids had this when I was a wee one, yet so many do now. Environment? Probably. We need to watch that stuff… Thanks for this great review. We’ll try if I can find it here in the states! M’wah! #GlobalBlogging <3

  • Su {Ethan & Evelyn}

    My little girl suffers Eczema on her face and I can see she is very irritated by it. She keeps scratching her face and all. 🙁 I will have a look at this product next time I am in the pharmacy. Thank you so much for the recommendation. 🙂 #GlobalBlogging

  • C.Thomas

    I’ve used Sebamed as an adult and all I can say is that it works. I believe that it will work for children with allergies too. Glad you found something that does the job for your children 🙂

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