When did grown-ups forget how to laugh?

Laughter makes us feel that we are part of something. That we have been “accepted”, embraced and acknowledged. Laughing is contagious and when we start, it creates a ripple effect. Where everyone feels happy, loved and connected.

Why Laughing Together As A Family Is So Important

Sometimes us parents can be so grumpy, pre-occupied and downright boring. We have so many “grown-up responsibilities” going on that sometimes we just forget to relax, laugh a little and have fun!

I was busy in the kitchen the other day, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I heard this burst of laughter. It was one of those from-the-belly kind of laughs that was so real it could only make those that heard laugh too; it was an infectious laugh.

My kids were watching something as simple as two Paw Patrol dogs on TV playing Tug-of-War. These two dogs pulling each other to and fro caused 3 little kids to roll with laughter. I found myself stopping, and smiling at the wonderful simplicity of it all. In front of me was the most beautiful sound. I just wanted to close my eyes and bask in it.

It was so infectious that I started giggling. I thought to myself, if only we as “big people” could remind ourselves to laugh a little more. To stop and really engage in our children’s laughter. How fortunate we are to be able to enjoy such an innocent sound. A real sound, a sound that has not been affected by the world.

It made me realize that (even though we do laugh together often) I really want to make laughter a daily occurrence in my house. Not just once a day, but all through the day. Silly, loud, raucous, snorting laughter.

After all, a laughing family is a happy one… Not so?

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