I am a self-confessed coffee addict! I have to… no wait… I NEED to have that steaming cup of coffee as soon as I crawl out of bed in the morning. Now, usually, I only manage to take 2 sips before one of the kids come to tug at my pants or tap against my leg with some or other demand:) And I know that this is probably the way most coffee-loving moms have to get their fix… 2 sips at a time.

I generally don’t function well without my caffeine. I won’t share how many cups I actually consume on a daily basis (I cringe at the thought). However, there are days when the only way to get a delightful sip of that dark brown liquid gold, is in the following ways…. #coffeeaddict

The One Sip Nappy Flip



Being able to take a sip whilst doing the nappy change is an art. You definitely have to be quick.

The Bathroom Break … Down The Door


This image is self-explanatory. When is ANY mother allowed to be in the bathroom alone? Never… It’s against all toddler rules ;)

The School Pick Me Up


By this time of the day, with the morning gone and the long road until bedtime looming large, coffee is a necessity. A travel mug is not a luxury – it’s a survival tool!

The Sweep Me Off My Feet Cuppa


For all those joyous days when you need a little kick to get you through the household chores, work and children! One sweep, one sip, one wipe, one sip, one load, one sip, one dish, one sip… good rhythm, right?

And… Lastly… The Cold Brewed Kind

We all know the one… It sits there longingly waiting for you to take a sip. The poor thing gets reheated over and over again… Only to be poured down the drain for a fresh cup! (Which very often suffers the same fate.)


I’m definitely no Picasso!!

So there you have it. From one coffee-addicted-mama to the next. Any interesting ways you get to drink your coffee?


Jacqui Bester