A Fun Summer Activity For Kids – I’ve been wanting to start a herb garden for a while now. We can grow our own herbs in the eggshells of our chickens. It will be fun, messy and an outdoor activity… 3 of my favourite things!  This is by far the most simple, cute and easy way for kids to plant herbs, (well, that’s what I think). And it’s an extra bonus that we have eggs from our own chickens to use.

In order to manage expectations, let me be honest. I have done a little bit of gardening in the past, but I am no pro, this is purely experimental! But I really love this idea!

Herbs In An Eggshell. 

You will need

  • Eggs – Obviously :)
  • Compost
  • Empty Egg Carton
  • Herb Seeds
  • Aluminium Foil


  1. Find a delicious recipe for dinner and start cracking those eggs. Remember to gently tap around the top of the egg, a dessert spoon works best. Imagine yourself making boiled eggs and soldiers for your kids for breakfast.
  2. Use the Aluminum Foil to cover your egg carton. this will prevent it from softening when you are watering your herbs.
  3. Pour the raw egg into a container for later use (that yummy recipe); carefully wash the emptied eggshell in warm water. Do not use soap. Let these dry overnight in the egg carton on your kitchen windowsill.
  4. Now this can get quite messy, especially if our children are involved, so find a space you don’t mind getting dirty – OUTSIDE. Grab your compost and carefully fill each eggshell, making a funnel out of cardboard works great!
  5. Grab your seeds, and gently, using tweezers or a small spoon, put a few in the centre just under the soil. You can dampen the soil just before. Not too much though.
  6. Now the fun part begins. Put your egg tray on the windowsill and wait.. and wait.
  7. Once they begin to grow, fill a larger gardening pot with compost-rich soil and gently crush the eggshell into the pot (being careful not to damage the little plant), then plant the herbs in the soil… The eggshells act as a nutrient as well as a pest control.

A Fun Summer Activity For Kids

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