Summer vacation inspiration at your fingertips. 30 Summer activities for your kids. Usually during Summer vacation, I picture myself sipping Margarita’s in the sun, and getting my groove on. Right now I’m seeing a very different picture. Sadly, no time for Margarita, maybe ;) but there will be lots of time for fun in the sun.

The thing about vacation time is that you want it to be as relaxed as possible. I sure don’t want to spend hours downloading and preparing things off Pinterest! I also don’t want to have to ENTERTAIN my kids all day. It’s important for them to be able to entertain themselves. So, for most of us who don’t get to travel all summer, and even for those who do, the list below offers easy and accessible things for our kiddos to do! Wherever we are!

In order to keep myself from going insane. I’ve put together a SIMPLE Summer List that is going to help me entertain, have fun, and survive this glorious hot vacation time! And there might just be some time left over for that Margaritas!

Enjoy the manic Mondays. the tasty Tuesdays, wacky Wednesdays. thoughtful Thursdays, funky Fridays, and lazy weekends!

30 Summer Activities

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Did You Enjoy 30 Summer Activities For Kids

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