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Yes, I’m talking to You, unfriendly Mom.

Some parents just baffle me.








Yes, I have friendly kids. And if you can’t deal with that, quite frankly, that’s your loss!

You see, I’m trying to raise good human beings here. So yes, I’ve taught my kids to greet adults, because it’s respectful to do. I’ve taught them to include other kids in their play, because it’s kind and it’s a part of raising considerate, empathetic children.  I’ve taught them to say please, and thank you (even though they might need to be reminded from time to time) because decent manners are the building blocks of a good character. And, the last time I checked, it wasn’t that hard to just be polite!


When my child says hello, do the right thing and say hello back. It’s OK to smile a little as well, it’s not that difficult, especially with a cute kid smiling back at you!

Oh, and when my 20 month old stops your baby from falling off a slide, and gives her a hug to make sure she is OK… It’s OK to say thank you. Maybe even add a few words like, “wow, you’re such a big girl”… I think that’s the least you can do since a 20-month old comforted your child while you had your eyes glued to your cellphone. (Which yes, we all do from time to time. That’s not the issue here)

If my daughter brings your child’s bottle to you (that she found lying on the floor, again). This is just a thought; say THANK YOU! It’s a great way to show appreciation. You don’t need to look at her like she’s some sort of alien invader!

Yes, your son is too big for the play area, but I totally understand that you can’t leave him behind, but if he is running around hitting and kicking people because he thinks he is the next karate kid, maybe a quiet word about playing a little calmer would help, especially when every other kid there is half his size… Heck, maybe even put him at the table with an ice-cream, I don’t know, but hurting/intimidating smaller children is not ok!

I know kids are rowdy, trust me, I have 4…And we don’t need to stifle their energy or put a lid on their fun, but seriously, there’s nothing wrong with a little discipline every now and then.

I realize you were engrossed in your FRIENDLY conversation with your other unfriendly mom. And we would hate to interrupt. But come on. These are little kids. They don’t understand why a grown up is being so unkind to them. Shame on You!

So yes, to you “unfriendly mom”, learn to smile… and a little kindness won’t hurt either!



With love

One Messy Mama







    • jaxbest4

      I guess we all get a little “busy” with things that are around us! And I am by no means a perfect parent, and when I see my children confused, it just rubs me the wrong way! xx Thanks for reading Marissa!

  • Gemma@CotswoldMumsBlog

    Fantastic post – voices the thoughts that regularly appear in my head, particularly when you have older kids running riot in the playground ruining it for the little ones and sometimes endangering them. Well said! #Brillblogposts

  • Heidi

    Gobsmacked ! Well done little 9be I’m proud of you ?

    My Anna -Lyn , 7 , would’ve reminded her to smile and say thank you ! She doesn’t do it all the time though but there have been ocassions where she’s reminded someone of their manners ?

  • Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby

    Brilliant post! I do encounter some of these people, when my kids says hi and they won’t even acknowledge it or even smile back. It can really be annoying, but then again I don’t want to judge other people that way. #bigpinklink

    • jaxbest4

      I agree, it’s a hard one, and that person might be having a difficult time. However, just a little kindness to a child will automatically make anyone feel good. A missed moment for that mom, I guess! Thanks for reading Cheryl! xx

  • Rachel George

    My little one has disabilities and needs assistance. I am always there with him to help him. Yet I am often the only adult present anywhere near a large group of children. It frustrates me but I do admit to being a bit envious of the mums sat on a bench, able to ignore their responsibilities for a while. #bigpinklink

    • jaxbest4

      I can imagine your frustration, and I guess it is nice to sit on the bench and relax, heaven knows we all need it. Just a small smile would work hey 🙂 xx Thanks for your comment Rachel!

  • Agent Spitback

    Oh no, that’s awful! Children do tend to model adults and so adults should be making an effort to model good behaviour and manners. I will always say hello back to children and wave back. I can’t believe that some people think it is too much effort or maybe they don’t even see what they are not doing? Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    • jaxbest4

      Haha. I do feel better, thank you Rebecca. I was so disappointed that my children had to witness that. I guess we do our best to protect them! Thanks for reading! xx

  • kristin mccarthy

    BRAVO! I find one every day it seems.

    So easy to judge me as I juggle by four kids under nine INCLUDING twin toddlers…BY MYSELF…ALL DAY LONG!

    But hey- mean parent you seem to be a pro over there with your one baby who can’t even move!”


  • Sarah @threedinners

    Ooh I hate this. I am stupidly super friendly to any child that interacts with me. Mainly because I have a SEN child and I just want to be totally inclusive. And some kids are different but don’t look it. Like my lovely girl. If she speaks to some adult she doesn’t know and they are dismissive, I am not just cross but so sad, for my girl. Who doesn’t understand. Not nice. #bloggerclubuk

  • Coffee & Bubbles

    Completely agree! My 2 year old is insanely polite and I am immensely proud of that. I reckon he’s more polite than 90% of adults these days. I too hate the big kids that run around knocking poor little toddlers flying! It’ not hard to reign your kid in a little bit, at least try, even if they don’t listen! #stayclassymama

    • jaxbest4

      I think its sad that there are kids and parents that are so dismissive! I understand that people have bad days, and I get that. But a little politeness didn’t hurt anyone! xx

  • The Mum Project

    How rude! That is so cute your daughter brought over the bottle for the other baby and also comforted the one on the playground : ). Made me smile. I would have thought that was adorable and commented on how sweet she is, who wouldn’t? Maybe that unfriendly mom was having a bad day? I know when I’m really tired I get grumpy, but still that would have brought me out of my grump haha. Who knows! Sounds like you’re raising wonderful kids : ). Thank for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    • jaxbest4

      That’s what I keep telling myself. Hopefully it was just a bad day! We all have them! Nothing can cure a grump more than a happy, giggly kid hey! Thanks for reading ! xx

  • The Aloha Mummy

    I do find it sad that those children have such little guidance from the patent/role models. I always acknowledge it when I’m spoken to by a littleun, it helps build their understanding of the world around them. Also get v.angry when older kids are left unsupervised to run riot in toddler zones. #stayclassymama

  • Shelby

    This is perfect and one of my biggest pet peeves! How hard is it to have basic manners with anyone, let alone children?! Honestly, wtf is wrong with people. Bad day or not it still drives me bonkers. Good rant – love it.

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