We’re Pregnant!  I’ll be the first to admit that this was a bit of a surprise for my husband and me (a very pleasant surprise, mind you, but a surprise nonetheless). Let me tell you why!


Sure, I might be biased, but I think we have a pretty amazing story. You see; before we were married, Mr. B and I decided NOT to have children at all. Our plan was to travel, do some humanitarian work, and explore the world. Clearly, that didn’t end up as we had originally planned – for very good reason.

Once we were married and realized that we had suddenly become a family of our own, yes, just us 2 – but suddenly a family of two – our opinions changed. We actually loved the idea of being a family, and soon began imagining what it might be like to have more members of this new family of ours’.  A certain yearning for children started to creep in. And one would never be enough – for us, of course. From the moment we actually decided to have children, we knew we wanted a huge family. We actually joked that we would one day have 5 children! Wow, what a change in our lives. Sadly though, it was apparently never going to happen. We tried to fall pregnant for just over 6 years. Fertility treatment was a daily part of our lives.

It was a very trying time for both my husband and I, but especially for our marriage.  I don’t think either of us could deal with the fact that we might never have children. We definitely put a lot of pressure on ourselves and there was a lot of self-blame going around. We thought we had let each other down.

March 30, 2012, was by far one of the most beautiful days of our lives, it’s the day we met our gorgeous boys. We were instantly parents of these two adorable little cherubs. I’ll share that amazing story another time.


Our Boys & 8 months pregnant with Bum

6 weeks later, on my husband’s 30th birthday we found out that we were indeed pregnant with Bum. At first, we seriously did not believe it. Even our OBGYN was baffled.

So by January 2013, we became the parents of three. We were the happiest people alive. We had this beautiful miracle story of being told we would never be parents to then being parents of 3.


Bum at 6 weeks

Well… 12 months later we were given another surprise. We were pregnant AGAIN! This time with Daisy. I was already 9 weeks pregnant before we found out!

It was crazy… Seriously? 4 kids! I had just become accustomed to 3. How on earth could I handle 4? Nevertheless, I had been very fortunate with easy pregnancies (except for swelling up like the Michelin Man – I kid you not) and the excitement set in.

In November 2014 our lives became so much more full. And little Daisy arrived.


Daisy and Papa at 4 weeks.


Daisy and Mommy at 4 weeks.

Each morning we get to wake up to these beautiful gifts. And now we are blessed to be able to have a new little miracle join our Zoo.  We never thought that our dream of having a big family would actually come to pass.

And here we are. Bester Baby #5 is on its way… Mr. B and I had a long discussion and decided it was time to talk about the big V – Vasectomy. We felt that our family was complete. Boy, were we wrong. His vasectomy was scheduled for the month of July but was postponed until the end of August. ERM… Yup, in the space of a month we fell pregnant. Talk about it being meant to be. We found out a week AFTER the vasectomy. :)

The emotions that run through me are sometimes so difficult to put into words. At times I am just brought to tears by the fact that I have been entrusted with these little lives.  I am truly beyond grateful that I get to be called mommy.

There is nothing quite like being surrounded by family and people we love.