I was meant to write this post last week, but time just simply got away from me. My gran arrived from Brazil last week (she’s 86, but that’s a post for another day), and we’ve taken the time to catch up a little. So anyway, here it is, our first 4th of July in America…

This was one of the busiest weekends we have had since our move. It was jam-packed with fun, energy, and new experiences. Here’s what the #Besterzoo got up to!

Friday 1st July

A few weeks ago I entered an online giveaway by Experienced Bad Mom, funny enough Katy and I live in the same town AND our kids go to the same school. It always amazes me how small this world actually is. Anyway, she is a real hoot, go take a look at her blog. So, I won these tickets for our family to attend Salute America (a 4th of July music celebration with fireworks and the whole bang-shoot). We were super excited, went to fetch our tickets, and then realized how unprepared we were for an outdoor event. We took a walk around the Henry Ford Museum and decided to attend the event on Sunday instead; this gave us time to explore Detroit a little.

Our First 4th of July

Well… Explore we did. Detroit is a colourful place and we found ourselves in some areas that we might not have explored under different situations. Ok, let’s be honest, we got lost. But we did see some great art though :)


Our First 4th Of July

After an adventurous drive we decided to head home to a local more erm, how shall I put it, friendly restaurant. It was a fun and exciting day nonetheless.

Saturday 2nd July

Today we travelled on a bus to Toledo, Ohio, to watch our very first baseball game. It was a great experience and the kids had a ball. The atmosphere was such fun and it gave me a good giggle when we all sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, in true American fashion. They had some pretty awesome fireworks after the game as well.

Mud Hens

This is a very interesting game to watch. The camaraderie is fantastic!

MH 1


All Photo’s courtesy of http://www.toledoblade.com/

Sunday 3rd July

So today was the day that we were going to experience our first 4th July concert. The Henry Ford Greenfield Village is 250 acres of innovation. 300 years of history and over 26 million artefacts. Here one is able to discover and explore America’s history at its best. For us as newcomers to this country, it was an enjoyable evening! Hundreds of people sitting on blankets, listening to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and finally the fireworks. Which we sadly did not stay for. It was super late and the kids were just exhausted after such an eventful weekend. However, we did glimpse a sight of them from the drive home. Gorgeous!

SA 2SA 1SA 6SA 3SA 5

IMG-20160711-WA0059All photo’s courtesy of the Henry Ford

Monday 4th July

After such a busy and eventful weekend. We spent the day at home hosting our first 4th July Barbecue! Surrounded by new friends, burgers, hot dogs and corn-hole (a fun, relaxing game of, hmm the name says it all, throw the corn bag, in the hole)!


Just another #besteradventure!