To the best father ever, so often, as a mother, I find myself running through my daily routine… focused like a well-trained sniper on the kids and all that needs to be done. In the hours of the day it’s all about who’s been fed, dressed, have you brushed your teeth, let’s do homework, tidy your rooms, etc… Has the house been cleaned, laundry done, appointments, and deadlines met. (You get the point.)

But then there comes this day – Father’s Day – and all of a sudden our focus needs to move to another person… Yup, that’s you, Pappa. It’s then that we seem to “all of a sudden” think about all you do, and that’s sad because you do so much. So Pappa… Thank You.

Thank you for making our favorite breakfast every morning.

Thank you for making our chocolate milk, just the way we like it.

Thank you for always making mommy’s coffee before you make your own, you know how she needs it.

Thank you for doing the school drop, because mommy needs to be at home with the baby.

Thank you for working every day, long days, helping other people, because that’s the kind of man you are.

Thank you for always dropping everything when someone needs you, no matter if it’s day or night.

Thank you for always running to the shop to get mommy’s wine… er, groceries.

Thank you for keeping your afternoons free for us. That we always eat dinner together.

Thank you that you make appointments for after bedtime, so that you can tuck us in.

Thank you for walking with me and my class to get ice-creams on our Field Trip.

Thank you for wrestling and tickling us, you’re such a fun guy.

Thank you for playing princess and dancing ballet with us girls. You look cute in a Tutu.

Thank you that you love to cook, and when mommy is tired you always pour her some wine and take over.

Thank you for singing and reading to us, and dancing around the kitchen with mommy in your arms. You guys make us giggle.

Thank you that we see how much you love mommy, you guys are always kissing and cuddling… We think that’s gross.

Thank you that even if you and mommy argue, you still say sorry to each other, just like we have to.

Thank you for coming in dead tired each night and still having time for us. All of us.

We know we don’t always say it. But we see how much you do, thank you doesn’t seem enough for all we put you through. You’re the greatest, the best! And, as far as we’re concerned, every day should be Fathers Day!

Oh yes, Mommy thinks you are pretty awesome too! x