Silly Songs That Enforce Family Rules – Every family has its own weird little quirks… In our family, we tend to sing silly songs about family rules…Or whatever really! Just today my husband was telling me about a song that he and the boys made up in the car on their way back from a haircut.

It goes a little something like this… SIR is a pie, SIR is a pie, SIR is a pie… A smartie pie – And each kid gets to carry on with the song, filling in whatever pie they want to be.

Yup, it’s a little weird and super silly, but the kids love it!

We use the same theory when trying to enforce or remind our children about a house rule. Some songs we have adapted from TV shows, some come from their teachers, and some are just, well, homemade :)

Here’s a list of our 5 most used silly songs that enforce family rules…

Silly Songs That Enforce Family Rules

We use all different kinds of tunes from RAP to Country…

It’s great fun, and I would highly recommend that you try it out with your kids. Obviously, our kiddo’s are still little, so this seems fun for them, I would hate to try it out on a teenager… Whoops…

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