Discomforts caused by pregnancy that I never thought I would have again. This pregnancy sure was a blessed surprise. So much so that I had forgotten (put out of my mind) what pregnancy is like. Obviously, we remember how it all went down. But there are some… erm… uncomfortable situations that we tend to want to forget/not talk about.

5 Pregnancy Discomforts


It is said, during pregnancy, that you have higher levels of progesterone; a hormone that relaxes smooth muscle tissue throughout the body. The relaxation slows down digestion, which can lead to gas. It is not just embarrassing; it can be pretty uncomfortable as well. It is a totally normal side effect of pregnancy.


Our bodies endure numerous changes during pregnancy, and even the most ‘regular” among us are sure to experience bouts of constipation.


This might be the single most uncomfortable symptom of pregnancy for many. The effects of hemorrhoids can range from being mildly itchy to downright painful. However, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is totally normal and you’ll be surprised how many women have to endure hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Itchy Nipples

Nothing is more annoying than needing to scratch your breast but you find yourself in a public place. As our breasts swell and stretch, the skin becomes increasingly itchy.

Urine Leakage

We all know that uncomfortable sensation of needing to urinate, ALL THE TIME!

Pregnancy Discomforts No-One Wants to Talk About

If you are pregnant, hang in there! If not, I’m sure you remember these days all too well.  After all, pregnancy truly brings the most beautiful gift! Every second is worth it!