Have you ever had one of those embarrassing parenting moments… when you would love to just offer a sheepish smile in apology, and vanish into thin air?

I’m convinced that our children secretly enjoy watching us squirm, and spend their evenings conspiring about finding new ways to make us blush!

We had recently immigrated to the US, it was a lovely day, so I decided to take the kids for a walk to explore our new surroundings. We live out of town, down a dirt road with about 10 houses along it (I love the country feeling). Anyway, as we were walking, we came across an elderly man who was working in his garden. He saw us and started walking in our direction to introduce himself; he was very kind and we struck up a conversation. The kids were running around and enjoying the gentle attention of their new neighbor-friend. After a while, he invited us to a neighborhood party that he apparently hosts every year… I remember thinking: “What a great way to get to know some people.” So, of course, I said yes, and as I was about to thank him and agree to join the party, I looked down and saw my sweet, gorgeous daughter (recently potty trained) wee’ing right there on the driveway, just inches from our new friend’s foot! At that moment she looks up at me as says; “OOPS”


Sigh… Cue the sheepish smile of apology and an urgent desire to vanish. Why does this happen at the most unfortunate times? I swear kids under three have the most perfect timing of all human beings!

Needless to say, this gentle old soul, patted me on the shoulder and said “Sweetheart, I have 3 daughters” :) Our friendship was signed, sealed and wee’d on, right there and then!

P.S… I found my 1-year-old using the toilet seat as a teething ring today!!!! (Thank goodness for disinfectant wipes) #ohthelifeofamother


Do you have any hilarious Pee Files to add? I would love to giggle over them (It would also make me feel a little more normal)…Please share below! :)