In the midst of crazy parenting days, things can happen quite unexpectedly. And sometimes those things can throw us into uncontrollable fits of giggles. You know what I’m talking about… You’re doing your best to keep hold of your sanity, herding children like a troop of wild animals, trying to figure out how to discipline in the moment, when suddenly one of the wild animals realizes that you’re about to lose your head and does something so outrageously cute and funny you can’t help but burst out in laughter… Now sometimes these things can be quite gross as well… How on earth do kids come up with some of this stuff?

Here are a few of the “funnies” that have come out of my kids’ mouths!

  • One particular day Bum was giving her cute little backside a scratch. So I gently say to her: “Hey, stop scratching.” Her reply, “Ooh, Mom, smell my fingers!” :) SERIOUSLY?
  • HULK was staring at his father, quite intently, while he was shaving one morning. Without warning, he piped up: “Pappa, can I be as hairy as you one day, and have a mustache too?” (His dad is in no way hairy) :)
  • Bum has this thing for my breasts. She is always telling me how nice and soft they are – haha – blush… She was in one of those moods when anything goes, and politely said: “Mommy, please, please, please can I have boobies like you when I’m big?” :)
  • My husband and I were enjoying a little (maybe not so little) kiss in the kitchen one morning. The kids were eating their breakfast. Sir quite disgusted looked at his brother and said – Oh GROSS – they are acting all married and stuff!  Say what?
  • We have recently immigrated and were driving somewhere, the HULK shouted out – Mom, look, it’s Spidermans Flag, it’s all red, white and blue – American Flag .. Whoops.
  • Pappa was running out the door, on his way to work, and the rest of us quite happily sitting around. Bum shouts out – Hey Pappa – don’t forget mommy’s wine. :) – Oh dear.
  • Putting Daisy and Bum to bed explaining that they are big girls now and will always share bedrooms even until they are 20 – Bum quite fiercely tells me that she is not 20, she is only 3 and does not want to share!
  • Another Bum moment – she is on the toilet and shouts out to the rest of us – hey guys, I poo’d a big one, pee’d as well, just like a rainbow.. (Not sure how those go together – but hey, in that moment – it worked for her!)
  • The Hulk is wearing a crown he made at school – he runs up to Pappa and in a demanding voice says – you are my servant bow to me now! hahaha
  • SIr is really growing up  – trying to explain to the HULK and Bum that what they were fighting about was ridiculous. He puts his teacher’s voice on – “Well actually mom – I think they have a point” – Are you kidding me right now buddy?
  • Disciplining Bum – I’m doing the usual countdown – she puts her hand up – “Stop mom – OK OK, I’ll think about it” … WHAT???

My oh my, these kids keep me on my toes.

I’m sure there are many more hilarious stories like these! Care to share?

I truly hope you got a good giggle out of these!