I’m hijacking my wife’s blog, this all feels pretty clandestine, but I promise it is with good intentions! I am hijacking my incredible wife’s blog for a second because I have something quite precious to share with you – about her – that I know she would be far too modest to ever talk about.

I’ll keep it brief since she’ll be heading downstairs any second…

Right now she is upstairs dressing the kids. Daisy is screaming “blue murder” because she is sick and has become more clingy to her mom than a koala to a eucalyptus tree – so when mom is busy with the others and not holding her it means it’s the end of the world, right? Bum is flexing every muscle of self-determined will she has because she just simply does not want to go to school – not surprising since she too was sick last week and got to stay home the last few days. Hulk and Sir are being good, of course.

Back to mom… she is dressing the kids, brushing teeth, sorting out school bags, comforting baby… all while being sick herself and having had only three hours of sleep. She is super-mom, seriously!

I’m writing this because she is also busy working on a post about raising our girls to be ladies, and – judging by the example she sets for them – I think she’s doing a great job!

Ok, thanks for indulging me! She’s heading down now, and I better get to helping out…