Can you go to bed already, please? I am amazed at how the brain of a child works… The way they can think up any excuse in a matter of seconds, especially when it comes to bed time! Here are my favorites from our kids.

“I need my lion mom.” “No, you don’t, you already have one.” “Yes, but I need the other one too.” “Why?” “Because they have to talk to each other!” #sleepalready

“Mom, you didn’t give me any water.” “I did, I gave you a glass of water downstairs.” “Yes, but I have to have the little one now.” Cue my confused face… “What little one?” “I don’t know, just the little one…” #sleepalready

MOM!!!” (The screams come from upstairs.) “Yes?” … “You didn’t kiss me.” “I did kiss you.” “No, you didn’t.” “Yes… I did.” “No, you didn’t kiss me.” “Yes, I did!” “You kissed me downstairs, but you have to kiss me upstairs.” … 5 minutes later … “Ok, *kiss!” #sleepalready

“PAPPA!!!” (Again the screams come from upstairs). “Maybe there’s a monster in my room.” “No, there isn’t I chased them all away.” “Maybe there’s a little one.” “No, I killed all the monsters, even the little ones.” “I think one went outside.” “No, it didn’t…” “Yes, it did, it went into the tent.” (There is no tent!) #sleepalready

“Please lie by me a little.” “If I lie by you will you sleep?” “Yes, I promise!” “Ok.” (I get my cuddle on) … 2 minutes later … “SO mom, how was your day?” #sleepalready

“MOM!!!” (Seriously… more screams from upstairs!) “Yes?” “My brother wont talk to me.” “Well, he’s not meant to speak to you! He’s meant to be sleeping.” “OH yes.” (busted) #sleepalready

“Pappa, I really need to talk to you.” “OK…” “Like really, it’s really important.” “OK. What is it?” “It’s really, really important!” “OK, so tell me.” “Um, um, um… The sun is sleeping hey?” #sleepalready

“It’s time to sleep.” “But I’m thirsty.” “I gave you water before you came to bed.” “But I need a bottle…” “No, you don’t, you’re not a baby anymore.” (She thinks about it…) “Well, I’m Pappa’s baby.” (hmmmm… she spends 10 minutes explaining that she’s Pappa’s baby) #sleepalready

“Mom.” “Yes?” “I didn’t kiss my brothers goodnight.” “Yes, you did. And you hugged them, and you high-fived them.” “Yes, but I didn’t kiss them after I high fived them.” #sleepalready

“Goodnight, sweet dreams.” “So, mom, how was your day?” “It was good… I spent it with you guys.” “The whole day?” “Yes, the whole day. I spent it with you.” “Was it good?” … hmmmm #sleepalready

I hope I’m not the only mommy that has this every night…  Do your kids have tall tales at bed time? Please comment and I will add them to the list :)