Do you have a fussy little eater? Today we have Lulu Barnard from The Digital Writer, all the way from South Africa. Lulu is a freelance digital writer and mother of 3 (two girls and one boy), she spends her weekdays writing and playing on the web (wink, working).  Her hobbies are: writing (yes even in her free time), reading, gardening, drawing, painting, cooking and attending flea markets over the weekends. On occasion, visiting South Africa’s National Parks, and travelling into Africa.

My little fussy eaters – times three

Whenever we go to visit friends or family, my children seem to be the only little critters not willing to eat, or even try, something someone else has prepared.

Pulling up their noses to mixed looking food, or food prepared in a certain way, not meeting their standards (who knows where they got these from); they stand as stubborn as a mule to their belief that they will not enjoy it.

Another excuse often used is: “Sorry but I no longer eat that!” I roll back my eyes in disbelief – again, thinking, when will the day arrive when one of them, suddenly, and unexpectedly – open their minds to just – give it a try?

In the meantime, as a concerned mother of three little fussy eaters and their nutritional intake, I started to research alternative ways to supplement their diets with the necessary nutrients.

I must say, I do know a bit about leading a healthy lifestyle… but as an adult only. For little critters… not much! So, I decided that what I need, they would probably need too.

How To Conquer The Fussy Little Eater

So, I came up with the following list:

  • Something to support their immune system – especially for the upcoming winter months
  • Some vitamins and minerals – for overall health
  • Something for good brain development
  • Another for concentration, and then, if possible
  • A substance that will help sustain their energy for a whole school day

My list gave me direction for online research.

I found that there are good and bad quality nutritional supplements (perhaps a little predictably), leaving me more confused than ever. Too many brands, too many alternatives, not enough as a combination, not many being helpful to a mother of three little fussy eaters.

What and where to from here? I thought…

I decided to try one last global search. This time for more credible brands; looking specifically at the following: how they process their nutritional sources; their credibility as a supplier; whether other parents are considering them; and whether these parents actually tried their products and have given reviews?

Eventually, I found a fresh brand; that displays its credibility, a company that shows and – even talks about – how they source and process the nutrients for their products, via phone and online.

In my element, and with a glimmer of hope for my little critters, I was recommended a few options and alternatives. But what really got my interest was their product called Liqui-Vite. A liquid form of everything that I was looking for, and, as they claim: it “mixes easily in other liquids.” Bonus!

What better way to get an all-in-one nutrient than to just mix it in with their juice in the morning.

Okay, I found what I had originally set out to find, now for the test…

Eureka! My kids can actually bare the taste. YAY! I have a win-win in the nutritional fight for my little fussy eaters.

For anyone else out there looking for alternatives, or solutions to up their little ones’ nutritional intake, I can wholeheartedly recommend Liqui-Vite. It works well for me as a nutritional caretaker, and well for my little critters.

Liqui-Vite is a product supplied by “Straight Talk Nutrition” who believes in, and sells, the NeoLife product range. If Liqui-Vite does not work for your kids as it did for mine, I am sure you will find an alternative in their range.

What vitamins do you use for your fussy little eater? Let us know in the comments below.