Finding your purpose…When you look at the world around you. What makes your heart tingle? What lights that fire inside your soul? Have you ever really sat down and thought, what is my purpose?

The reality is, the only thing standing between you and your purpose, is you.

Passion creates Purpose.

Finding our purpose in life requires stepping back and evaluating what makes us happy. What brings us indescribable joy. Sometimes we are so stuck DOING life, that we forget to be really PRESENT in our lives. We need to teach ourselves to not be afraid of living our lives with our hearts. By allowing our hearts to lead and connect us to what we are or want to be doing, we are living purposeful lives through passion.

The Billboard is Empty.

Often we find ourselves searching for the signs. You know the one I’m talking about. That big neon light staring us in the face shouting at the top of its lungs… THIS IS IT...  I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is NO sign. Sometimes we might even use this as an excuse. Maybe we are fearful of the unknown? Anxious to be stepping out of our comfort zones. Whatever it is, in order to fuel our passion/s and find our purpose we need to dive in, head first and allow that feeling of freedom to overcome us and drive us forward. Passionately.

Purpose Overflowing

In all honesty, I think we become so focused on finding that one true thing that brings us joy, that we end up frustrated and feeling empty. The more we open our minds and embrace all the things we love (family, friends, hobbies, community outreach, environment) the more we begin to understand that by being purposeful within these environments we will experience a deeper sense of meaning in life. A sense of purpose does not have to be found in one thing – and it doesn’t have to be the same thing for the whole of our lives – it can be a collection of relationships and activities, and it can evolve with us as we grow older.

True Passion Filled Purpose Includes Others

There is no “I” in purpose (In my opinion).  Living a life of purpose is inclusive.  Being a part of something that is more than just me brings far more joy than sitting on our thrones alone. Ask others where it is that you add value to their lives, perhaps therein lies a whisper of what we were made to do.

Daily Action

Finding our purpose won’t happen overnight. It takes a constant effort and a daily discipline to bring us into a deeper awareness of where our purpose lies. Living each and every day in the moment, present and alive to all the possibilities that surround us, actively pursuing the greatest possible good that we can do, this is how a sense of purpose unfolds. The more we become mindful of our thoughts, actions, dreams and yes PASSION we will find ourselves more purposefully living.

I leave you with this:

The Meaning Of Life Is To Find Your Gift. The Purpose Of Life Is To Give It Away – Pablo Picasso

Jacqui Bester