So here I am, once again, totally mortified! I seem to be on a roll this week! You see, I’m THAT mom…

Yup, the mom that at the last minute sends an apology that we can’t make a birthday party… CRINGE!

We all know how much effort goes into planning a party for our kids. The slaving away thinking of party ideas only for our little dear to change their mind every 2 seconds! Not to mention the hours spent designing an invite wanting to throw the computer against the wall. Then there’s the entertainment, BIRTHDAY CAKE (let’s not go there), and party favors… And of course the cost!

By the end of it all, you feel like you need a vacation.

Birthday parties are stressful enough, then you get a mom (ME) that at the LAST minute sends an apology… Annoyed much? Not to mention I’m THE NEW MOM in school.

Here I was, thinking I was somewhat organized. But then the kids started fighting, the gardener arrived and needed instructions, and groceries had to be picked up. Oh, and the new puppy.

I could hear the angel on my shoulder: “Look at the calendar Jacqui, you’ve missed something!?!?”

Wait, gotta run, little man just had an explosion in his nappy and needs to be bathed. The toddler is screaming because her sister stole her toy, and clearly needs to nap. Because NOTHING will calm her down. Don’t forget to hang up the laundry – because yesterday I managed to drop and break a bottle of cooking oil all over it.

PING, PING, FREAKING PING…. The washing machine chimes in the background

“Look at the calendar Jacqui, you’ve missed something!?!?” Back off shoulder-angel, mommy’s on a roll.

Running around cleaning rooms, preparing for guests. Packing away said groceries… Wait, I need to pee. Another minute lost. The clock is ticking.

And there it is… SHIT! (Excuse the French. I’m not even sure if it is French, but I don’t have time to get into that now right now.) The party starts in 5 minutes. (Insert crying emoji)

I knew there was a reason I called my blog One Messy Mama, but I’m rethinking that, maybe it should be Parenting Fails 101?

I seem to be having a lot of them lately.

P.S. – the Birthday present for the gorgeous little girl whose party we missed will be hand-delivered by a blushing mom come Monday morning.

Would you like to share any of your parenting fails? It might just make me feel a little better :)