DIY Fall Door Wreath Craft – The one thing I really love about my kids starting school is the fact that I get to meet other moms with similar aged children.

Moving to a new country is tough enough just from a pure logistics point of view… Add the challenge of trying to find new friends (for you and your kids), and you suddenly have an exponentially more complex situation. My eldest was in kindergarten when we moved to the states, and I was fortunate enough to meet some really awesome ladies. So when one of the moms suggested we get together and do some crafting – with a little wine on the side – BOOM! Perfect combo… I thought… Why not? It’ll be fun, right? Oh yes, it was!

Now let me take a slight detour at this point… Every day I seem to learn more and more about the peculiar cultural habits here in America (admittedly, most of these are probably more localized to the Mid-West, but we’ll call it America for now). One of these is that Americans are incredibly festive about the different seasons. And this is celebrated in many ways; for example: by hanging wreaths on the front door of your home that is unique to “Summer” or “Fall”, etc…

So, for our “Mommy” get together, we planned on making a Sunflower wreath.

We arrived and were immediately welcomed by a gracious hostess and a decadent table of snacks and drinks.

Food 1

Put a bunch of moms in the same room, with snacks and wine, and all we have to do is chat… It’s fantastic!

We sat down to an array of craft materials. And began to make our Sunflower Wreath!


It was so simple and easy to make, and you can imagine the chitter-chatter that went on while we worked on our creations.


Ready for our fall/autumn season.

It was lovely being able to create something that represents a big part of the culture where we now live. But, for me, the joy of meeting and getting to know some of the moms we see on a day-to-day basis was most definitely the best part of the evening.

It’s so important to get to know the families of the children that our kids spend so much time with. Who knows, these friendships between both the kids and the moms could last for a very long time! And our Crafting with Wine evenings may become a regular occurrence!

I think I’m ready for Fall… :) I can’t wait to get out the pumpkins, pick some apples, drink apple cider, and hang up my Sunflower wreath!


Alas, we moved back to South Africa a few years later. I sure do miss these evenings and these incredible moms.