Dethroned By My 3 Year Old…

I’d like to think of myself as the Queen of my castle… Sitting on my throne; well in charge, super organised, and always in control. Not to mention immaculately dressed with make-up that would make the Kardashian sisters turn their heads. Something a little like this I guess…


Perhaps there was a time when that was indeed the case… But these days I suspect there is an attempted coup taking place right under my nose…  The signs are small yet disturbingly noticeable. As I look over my kingdom I get the suspicious feeling that there is a stealthy little creature trying to overrule me! There are days like today when I feel like I am loosing control over the minions that are meant to obey me and follow my rule…

One in particular.



She is a fiery one. Strong-willed, and independent. She knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it! She laughs without fear of the world. She questions, and demands answers. And she never takes NO for an answer… And I mean never!  Well, not from me anyway!


My kingdom is under threat by the ultimate Trojan horse; an insider with all the guile and strength-of-will of a warrior princess. So, how do I prevent being dethroned by said 3 year old? I’ve had to think long and hard about this… And here is my strategy:

  1. Stand my ground and claim my territory.
  2. Never back down – no matter how exhausted I am.
  3. Always, and I mean always, look the pretender to my throne square in the eye.
  4. Place myself at eye level – speak slowly, calmly, and with a careful choice of words.
  5. Never show any signs of weakness – OK, I’m still learning how to master that one.
  6. Whatever I am feeling always TRY to remain calm.
  7. Keep my voice as low key and authoritative as possible.
  8. Leave the scene of the crime – walk away!
  9. Create a diversion.
  10. Realize that smoothing over the territory leads to an alliance – and alliances are imperative to ruling your own kingdom well.

Most importantly, weather the storm. It may be one heck of a storm, but it will pass.

However, while this coup will never actually take place (I simply won’t let it), I am more than willing to admit that this pretender to my throne may every now and again win a battle over me… never the war, but sometimes a battle… When that happens, in a moment of self-reflection, I might just be a smidgen proud. She is strong! She is courageous! She is determined! And after all, she must have gotten it from somewhere.


There are few forces of nature that are as inspiring as a strong woman. I’ll never want to dim her fiery spirit. So instead of fighting, I’ll learn how to nurture and refine it. At the end of the day, no matter how strong and independent she becomes, she will always be my baby.

princess-merida-queen-elinor-brave-movie-disney-pixar-gifWith Love

One Messy Mama



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One Messy Mama

52 thoughts on “Dethroned By My 3 Year Old…

  1. Oh how I can relate! My three year old daughter is very strong willed and never takes no for an answer either. She has to do everything her way or no way. She tends to think she runs things, and sometimes she does. But like you said, she is who she is and as parents it is our job to accept them. Thanks for the relate-able post!

  2. I love this!! I also have a Lillie fire cracker, well two really that try and dethrone me and a daily basis. Some days I cope others I certainly do not! Great ideas! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    1. Oh man! 4 !!!!! GIRLS !!!! You are my hero! I hope you have an awesome mom cave down there, it might be a while until you resurface again πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ … Thanks for reading lovely! xxx

    1. I love Brave too – I’m from Scotland originally and my folks still talk like this! Back from #coolmumclub

  3. Haha I love this – I think mostly because I love the movie Brave πŸ˜‰ Good luck – sounds like you’re going to need it! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  4. This totally me and my daughter too! A battle of wills and a stubborness she only gets from me! Good luck with the battle and my your reign as queen be long.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  5. Oh I needed to read this. I am currently writing a post about going to say with my two year old. Everyday seems to be a battle of description that both of us are fighting to the bitter end… I needed this reassurance that one, I am not the only one and two I can and will stand my ground! Thank you for sharing with us at #familyfun xx

  6. This is what I wonder with my son a lot. How is he going to be through the 2-3 year old ages. How much of a strng willed toddler he is going to be! I like how you are pretty deterimined to stand your ground! Just got to keep trying! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  7. This is excellent advice! I have a little boy who is five who thinks he is currently in charge and I use a very similar strategy to you! Kids huh! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes


  8. I have a little one like this!! I’ve never known stubbornness like it, well actually I have, it’s normally displayed by myself! #globalblogging

  9. Good strategy. She sounds like she will be an awesome strong woman one day. You sound like an amazing mom. And it does get better… (mommy of a 5 yo) ☺️

  10. thank goodness mine is finally starting to accept that I am the one true heir to the throne – but we definitely have our days πŸ™‚
    I like how you have woven the struggle for the throne right through a day in the life of living with a fiery young girl. Great read!

  11. Love the analogy! My girl can’t even talk yet, but there are still some mini battles going on over here. Rolling over while I’m trying to change her nappy, parties in the middle of the night (well just playing, but I don’t get out much so I like the call them parties!) #GlobalBlogging

  12. It’s funny isn’t it… You don’t want them to be too determined or bossy but are proud when you see them leading the pack at playtimes. I want my daughter to grow up to be strong-willed enough to know that anything is possible and take no sh*t, but also want her to be compassionate and polite with it! It’s a fine balance! #GlobalBlogging

  13. Let them win the silly battles I say! You want to wear your sandles and not your wellys? Fine, darling see how that works out for you lol! We went through this phase with our son last year, so headstrong – he still is lol but we got through it. Your strategy is great, you can do it ! #stayclassymama

  14. Awwww couldn’t help but laugh when reading this. I feel scared for when my baby turns into a toddler even though his a boy I am sure that I will have a different kind of battle with him lol.

  15. LOL, I like your strategy. I am amazed at how kids today seem to be so much more strong willed and their personalities are already developed from such a young age! #globalblogging

  16. Our little angels (monsters) do seem to get the better of us, don’t they? And however determined we plan to be, we ALL give in sometimes (be it because of exhaustion, love, sympathy or just to quieten down a tantrum!). But I’m with you on teaching them to stand up for themselves. That’s an important trait to learn too.

  17. What an interesting post! Well, I have an 11-year-old boy and I understand absolutely the game you’re in! We’re still gaming and we’re heading to adolescence! It scares me a little because he is definitely like me! LOL
    I think this is a never ending game, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

  18. Form an alliance – absolutely! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. My 3.5 year old has recently discovered the art of manipulation and I’m agog, yes AGOG with her skills in the field. Damn her. Loved reading this for #chucklemums, thanks for linking!

  19. Great plan to deal with the contender for your throne πŸ™‚ – nos. 4 and 6 are very mindful! It’s also really good to re-frame like you have done and consider the good points of these characteristics. A lovely post. #globalblogging

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