My daughter LOVES the word POOP! I have been deliberating whether I should actually write this post! I keep thinking, what will my daughter say… But you know… It’s just too funny not to share.

If you had to meet this fiery, blonde-haired, blue-eyed child of mine. You would quickly see that she is no pushover. She speaks her mind (all the time), and enforces her point of view without fear! She laughs at the world. And I love it.

Her latest “funny” is the word POOP! Yup, you read it. POOP. She absolutely LOVES this word. She thinks it is the most hilarious thing ever… she says it anytime, anywhere. We’ve been trying to correct her… However…

Just tonight she was sleeping in the same room as her brother. (We play musical beds in our house). Or she was meant to be sleeping, anyway, I could hear something going on upstairs. When I walked into the room, my sweet little girl was quick to tell me it was her brother’s fault :) and then she pipes up, “he called me POOP, and it was SO funny”. Well… There I was, trying to discipline my un-sleeping children when all I could do was move my head to try and hide my giggles.

So, yes… our house is ringing loud and clear with POOP… I wonder for how long.