Nothing beats watching the excitement grow in our children as the Christmas Countdown begins. Let’s face it, as parents, Christmas is all about the kids. If you are battling to think of a few fresh gift ideas for Santa to bring down the chimney, here are some of my favorite Christmas gift ideas for kids this year.

Smoby FleXtreme

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

Smoby FleXtreme is a completely new play world that sets no limits to children’s creativity! Using flexible rails, kids can assemble the craziest racetracks and drive incredible stunts and routes with the powerful FleXtreme racing cars: including sensational inclines, overhead rides, spirals, and crazy slopes!

The cool FleXtreme Discovery set is the ideal tool for getting started in the fast-paced Smoby FleXtreme world. It consists of 184 rail parts, a powerful racing car, an exchange body, and a start/end rail. The colorful track parts can be easily put together to form a 4.40 m long race track and are very flexible so that they can be creatively built or hung through the children’s room: over chairs, the bed, or the desk. Thanks to its special drive, the racing car cannot overturn and even drive upside down. It also has a removable body that can be combined with all other models in the FleXtreme line. The car starts via the start / stop switch on the back and has illuminated front and rear headlights,

Additional expansion sets include additional track, additional cars, fixing set, multi-circuits set and Superloops set.

Available at Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys and Takealot

Wish O Nauts

ristmas Gift Guide For Kids 2021

Discover the power of your wishes.

Every child has wishes and dreams and now they have somebody to share them with. The Wish O Nauts listen to your child’s wishes, record them and then fly off into the Universe with the aid of the jetpack on their backs. As we all know, the universe is a magical place where wishes can come true.

The Wish O Nauts are soft toys that love to cuddle but they also have a record and play function. Simply press their hand to record your wish and then press the logo on the Wish O Naut’s chest to play it back. Children can entrust their secrets to their cuddly friends or record wishes for their parents to hear.

There are 3 different characters to choose from – Rico the Dragon, Billy the Bear, and Lisa the Unicorn. All 3 are trained listeners and are great soft and cuddly companions for young and old. Suitable for children from 3 years.

Available at Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, Toy Zone, and Hamleys

Pamper Petz

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 2021

The adorable Pamper Petz baby animals are looking for an owner who will adopt them, love them, give them a name, and take care of them. The cute diaper gang consists of a puppy dog, a kitten, and a bunny, all of whom are wearing a diaper.

  • With drink and wet function – these cute pets with the big, glittering eyes can drink from the bottle.
  • With color change function – when the pet wets the nappy, the inside turns yellow
  • Magic paw – the magic paw reveals whether your pet is a boy or a girl. If you wipe it with water, it turns either blue or pink
  • With three surprises – in addition to the 15cm tall pet, the set includes three surprises for pampering  your  pet as well as an adoption certificate to complete

The 2-in-1 Pamper Petz Vetpack is a fantastic accessory for your pet. Not only can it be used as a backpack to carry your pet, but should your fall ill, it also contains extensive doctor’s accessories with which to treat your baby quickly. Suitable for children from age 3 years

Available at Toys R Us, Toy Zone and Takealot

Majorette Tuneups

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 2021

Majorette Tune-Ups – the ultimate tune-ups for your toy car collection! Large spoilers, stunning body kits, wide tyres, and colorful stickers – each box contains 7 surprises for young car fans. The range features a total of 18 models in different designs, including the Lamborghini Urus, VW Golf, Toyota GT86, Renault Megane R.S., Toyota Hiace, Suzuki Jimny, and Ford F-150 Raptor. It also features the ultra-rare Toyota GT86 with a premium matte/chrome paintwork, glitter body kit, wide tires, and rims in two colors. The set comes with a sticker sheet and exclusive components that allow you to customize your model car collection with your own unique designs. There is also a stackable storage box for putting your tuned-up creations on display. Whether for passionate model car collectors or young fans, these realistic models make the perfect gift for car fans aged 5 and above and are guaranteed to provide a memorable unboxing and tuning experience. Series 2 will be launched in May 2022

Available at Toys R Us, Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, and Takealot

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Osmo Starter Kit Genius

Designed for ages 3-5 the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit engages pre-schoolers with educational games in core subjects by merging tactile exploration with innovative technology. Beyond fostering creativity and cognitive skills, these educational toys help children learn in a stress-free environment with instant feedback and encouragement. The Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit includes four educational games to help children develop creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, verbal proficiency, empathy, and spatial reasoning. These are ABC, Squiggle Magic, Costume Party, and Stories. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit is available at a recommended retail price of R1999 at iStore.


Compatible with all iPads except Generation 1, 2, 3. iPad Reflector 2021 required for the: iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 11-inch & iPad Pro 12.9-inch. The minimum iOS version needed is iOS 10.  


Christmas Gifts - PlayShifu

PlayShifu’s innovative use of Augmented Reality and tactile toys brings phenomenal educational games for children. These games are driven by hands-on play that enriches and brings new meaning to screen time. They have developed smart S.T.E.M. toys that work in conjunction with a phone or tablet device to help foster critical thinking, grammar, logic, social-emotional learning, cultural awareness, and problem-solving skills. The products have physical components that children can touch, connect, and build with. And the companion app has super fun games that teach children various curriculum-based concepts.

The PlayShifu range includes Orboot, Plugo, and Tacto, which start at R899 and can be purchased from iStore, Takealot, and Toys’R’Us. Designed for ages 4 to 12, all the product platforms are supported by free-to-download apps that work with a range of devices on iOS and Android.

Yoto Player

Chirstmas Gifts - Yoto Player

Yoto is an audio platform developed specifically for kids and the brand behind the critically acclaimed and award-winning Yoto Player has landed in South Africa. The Yoto Player, a carefully connected screen-free, Bluetooth speaker box provides safe, educational entertainment for children and is now available across the country at selected Toys R Us stores, iStores, and a branded store on Takealot, South Africa’s leading online store.

Yoto Player is designed to safely give children full control over their listening experience, by entertaining and educating them while reducing screen-time. Yoto Player is controlled using physical cards that are inserted into the Player which plays audio content – helping to reduce excessive screen-time, giving children access to entertaining content without removing the joy of using technology for fun, learning, and imaginative play.

The Yoto smartphone app gives parents easy control of settings and content management. The free-to-download app also contains a selection of free content available to all and allows families to link the audio to Bluetooth speakers, including in the car for on-the-go entertainment. Additionally, Yoto’s content cards have the ability to play content through the app by simply tapping the card to the back of a smartphone.

Yoto Player is available for purchase at a recommended retail price of R2499. The Yoto smartphone app is available to download for free on iOS or Android.

Peppa Pig World of Wooden

Peppa Pig World Of Wood - Christmas Gifts

Peppa’s World of Wooden Toys are made with excellent quality, durable and sustainable wood with eye-catching and colorful designs. Crafted for young Peppa fans whilst staying true to the classic Peppa styling, this fun range aims to stimulate a child’s imagination during play. Encourage children to develop their motor skills with this chunky range of toys.  Made from environmentally responsible FSC Wood and suitable for children aged 2 years and over. Peppa’s World of Wood! Durable, Sustainable, and Imaginative Play!

RSP from R159.99 to R1189.99 – available from Hamleys, Toy Kingdom, ToyZone, Toys R Us, The Kid Zone, and Takealot.


BioPod - Christmas Gift

Build your own Biopod, a mix of wild creatures and robots. 3 ways to play: 1. Build your own electronic creatures 2. Press on the creatures’ heads and their eyes light up, they make sounds and move their jaws 3. When you shake them, they make different creature sounds. Collect all 8 different creatures!  Available in 1 and 2 packs.

RSP – single pack R169.99, double pack R299.99 – available from Hamleys, Toy Kingdom, ToyZone, Toys R Us, The Kid Zone, and Takealot.

Miraculous LadyBug Fashion Dolls

MIRACULOUS Ladybug Christmas Gift

Relive all the adventures of your favorite heroes from the Miraculous TV show with these super-poseable Fashion Dolls. You can move your doll around to pose and play in so many different positions. These Fashion Dolls stand 26cm tall and come with their removable superhero outfit, sidekick Kwami, weapon, and cute accessories so you can play out all your favorite scenes! Check out the entire Miraculous Fashion Dolls collection!

RSP – R499.99 – available from Hamleys, Toy Kingdom, ToyZone, The Kid Zone, and Takealot.

Shark Shark Remote control

RC-SHARK - Christmas Gifts

This R/C Shark swims just below the water’s surface exposing the dorsal and tail fins. Master the controls and the shark comes alive by replicating the smooth subtitle movements of a real shark!

It has the function of sensing water. The motor will stop running once the Shark is taken out of water.

RSP – R1599.99 – available at Toy Kingdom, ToyZone, Takealot, and Makro online.

Purse Pets

Purse-Pets Christmas Gifts

Bring your look to life with Purse Pets!

These fabulous interactive pets are packed with purse-onality. They respond to your touch, really blink, and have over 25 exciting sounds and reactions unique to each Purse Pet’s style! Each Purse Pet features beautiful colors, pop art-inspired eyes, an adjustable strap, and real metal hardware. While you’re out and on the go, your Purse Pet will blink and make sassy sounds as they interact with you. Touch their forehead to make them happily coo and purr! Snap a selfie, then pet and hold their forehead and they’ll close their eyes, open them, and playfully blow you a kiss! Then, check out the stylish metallic insignia on the front of your purse – it’s a secret button that unlocks more ways to play! In magic mode, you can play games and music together.

Want to know if your Purse Pet likes your outfit? Find out your fashion fortune and ask your Purse Pet what she thinks. Touch her forehead, ask your question and she’ll respond with cute sounds and a yes or no answer! Ask her more questions, then rock your runway look! Press and hold your Purse Pet’s forehead to enter runway-ready mode. Your Purse Pet will play cool fashion show-inspired music – tap their forehead for camera shutter sound effects and hold it for applause. It’s so much fun!

With Purse Pets, friendship meets fashion! Take your super cute purse with you everywhere you go. Each Purse Pet is the perfect size to fit all your essentials. Purse Pets are great gifts for girls and include 3 AAA Duracell batteries. Collect them all (each sold separately) and express your style with your Purse Pets fashion bestie! Bring home a Purse Pet and serve up fierce fashion looks with your trendy interactive pet!

RSP – R899.99 – available from Hamleys, Toy Kingdom, ToyZone, The Kid Zone and Takealot

Happy Christmas Shopping! – You can thank me later :)