How do we accept help in the world of parenting? So, today I had one of those parenting experiences that catch you completely off guard and leave you a little breathless. You know, one of those experiences that stop you dead in your tracks and stay on your mind for days, replaying itself in all kinds of different colors and sounds. Let me share it with you…

I had to do the school run with all 5 kids, on my own. As soon as the alarm went off this morning the anxiety set in. How will this go down? Being the new mom in the school, I am already aware of the other class moms trying to figure out what I’m all about, and what my family is all about. I see the stares like I’m some circus freak with 5 tails. Literally :)

But come on, I get it – I would also stare :)

Picture this… mom walks in. No time to do hair. Looking a little haggard. Kids are behaving, so far so good. Drop the eldest off, kids are still doing well…


You walk into the next child’s class, hands full of slips and money that needs to be returned. Then you turn around and 2 children are missing. You send your son to find them, the baby starts crying. Rather sheepishly you greet the teacher as quickly as you can without seeming obviously rude and then exit at the speed of light to find your missing child. Only to see the 4yo standing at the door of the bathrooms (for all parents to see) with her pants around her ankles shouting “MOMMY, COME WIPE MY BUM”… well, at least you found her… Then the 2yo decides to make another dash for it, this time to accompany her sister to the toilet.

Time stood still!

Then out of the blue, this mom arrives, I swear there was a shining light surrounding her. She was sent from heaven. She calmly takes the baby while I go attend to my 2 little terrorists – angels. Needless to say, I was hugely embarrassed and mortified. Today was not going to go well.

After many thank you’s. I climb into my car and burst into tears. Huge, uncontrollable sobbing tears. WHY CAN’T THINGS JUST GO SMOOTHLY!! Especially on take 5 kids to drop off day!?

Once I’m home, I make the strongest cup of coffee (too early to drink) and phone a friend. Pouring out my heart about what a failure of a parent I am. You know what she says.

Take the Grace Jax.

And there it is, 4 simple words that made me take a fresh look at my awful morning. Yes, I was tired, yes, it was hectic, and yes, my kids were being exactly that, kids. I shouldn’t feel like I’m a terrible mom, days like this happen to the best of us.

My biggest lesson though was learning that instead of being embarrassed, I should gratefully accept the help that I received from that angel of a mom. Parenting is tough, we should stick together. Without judgment!