How to go “tech” free… A few months ago we decided to take a road trip across 8 States. Not only was it a great way to see the country we had moved to, but it was also a great way to unplug from our daily responsibilities and spend some time together as a family. (Something we had not done in a while)

We decided to go “tech” free. I know right?! Who does that in the 21 century!! In the end, we had a fantastic time!

Here’s how we kept our children entertained!

Tech-Free Road Trip Hacks

Roadside Visits

Before setting out on your trip, investigate the areas that you will be travelling through. Look up interesting and educational spots to stop. Museums, monuments, amusement parks and quaint little shops. It’s a great way to stretch those legs and get rid of any excess energy caused by being stuck in a car for hours.

Object Spotting

Whilst driving encourage your children to count cars, give them colours, shapes and types to help get them started. You could also spot birds and animals. Let’s not forget about the oldest game in the book. I SPY.


Use snacks to break the monotony of the trip, pack healthy treats that won’t get the sugar soaring!

CD stories and Songs

This is a great boredom buster and it might just give you a few moments of quiet.

Activity Books

I usually print out a few colouring in pictures, word searches, dot to dot’s etc and put these onto a clipboard. When tensions rise, I whip them out.

Toy Bags

Get your children to pack a few of their favourite toys into a little bag. Every now and then take out one or two. Keeping the rest for another sanity-saving moment.

Educational Games

Use counting, shapes and colours to get your children thinking actively. Count in 2’s,3’s,5’s or test your child’s multiplication or general knowledge.

I hope you find these ideas helpful!

Tech Free Road Trip Hacks

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