I’m teaching my children how to give back. Living in a world that is saturated with self-glory. How can we as parents remind our children of the importance of giving back?

I’m not sure if you all remember the alcohol craze that consumed Facebook a while ago? The NEK Nominations flooded social media – if you were nominated you had to down a drink of your choice, and then challenge others to do the same.

It was around this time that YouTuber Brent Lindeque from The Good Things Guy decided to make a change. He encouraged us to change the NEK nominations to the RAK nominations. (Random Acts of Kindness) and turned a drinking challenge into a helping hand and inspired thousands of random acts of kindness.

So… In honour of Brent and all the good that he does. Let’s revive the RAK Nominations.

How do we physically teach our children to be kind, and give back? What are we doing to encourage our children to create a better tomorrow? Are we not their examples?

I was nominated by Sarah of Two Syllables to take part in spreading kindness.

On Friday my boys and I decided to give a dear lady named Vera (94 and housebound) a visit. We spent time chatting and the boys read her a story about how the Baboon got his pink bottom. :) She was absolutely delighted and thrilled with all the boisterous behavior of two highly energetic boys running around her house.  Her giggling throughout the storytelling was contagious and we even shared cupcakes and drank apple juice.

Not only was this a great lesson for my boys, but it was an eye-opener for me.

I am now going to tag two people on Facebook  – one blogger and one mama – and nominate them to do their own #RAK and hopefully, together we can create a movement of #momswhocare. If you get nominated, you have 48 hours to complete a Random Act of Kindness (for a stranger, your domestic helper, your child’s teacher, your neighbor, absolutely anyone!), and then you need to tag two more mamas to do the same, using the hashtags #RAK and #momswhocare. And if you haven’t been nominated, but are feeling inspired, then step right up and nominate yourself!

Become part of the #mumolution, I dare you!